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Felix da Housecat - Cool For The 'Cat

Author: Carlisle Rogers
Monday, November 24, 2008

Is there a bigger name on the party circuit than Felix da Housecat- We think not. With a new artist album due soon, Australian Global Gathering audiences will be some of the first in the world to hear the new material. 3D’s Carlisle Rogers found out exactly what to expect.

Felix Da Housecat is coming to Australia. Felix has a new album under one arm and a bag of everything else under the other. The new album is tentatively called He Was King, and the first single LA Ravers.

“I’m almost finished with my new record,” Felix says from Sao Paulo, Brazil. “I’m about 12 songs into it. I just finished a single a few days ago so I’m just getting that to my label and our people. The track is called LA Ravers. It is based on this show in Los Angeles with about 50,000 people. Everyone was going crazy, and it inspired me to go back to my old sound. That’s going to be the first track out, in January. The album will follow after. It’s a total u-turn. Virgo Blacktro and the Movie Disco was born out of me going back to what got me here. Devin Dazzle & the Neon Fever was mixed up with a little bit of the Afrobeat stuff. Right now, I’m dabbling with the name He Was King for the new album. You’re the first guy to ask me about it, so that’s funny, Australia hears it first.

“I’ve got some people on it, a singer called Friday and a few other cool people. I’ve been trying to post some of the new stuff on my MySpace, but my label and management are telling me to hold off on posting it. I kind of want the world to hear it now. It’s really crazy and loud and different and I was a little hesitant to let it loose, but I tried it out on a crowd in Brazil and they lost their minds like it was an Iron Maiden concert. It was hilarious. I put that down to beginner’s luck, so I dropped it again and got the same response. I tried another city and people liked it there too, so we’ll see what happens.”

MSTRKRFT is remixing LA Ravers, which means that either way, the track is going to be big. “LA Ravers is one thing, but most of the album is very different from what I’m making. It is more for the dancefloor. It’s more on the deeper tip. I’m trying to do one track for the clubs, then one for the clubs and at home, then I’ll just pick and choose the tracks I’ve finished and see what goes together.”

Felix says he rarely plays his own tracks on the road. “It depends on the city and the crowd; it’s always up in the air. It is different every time, it’s so strange. Lately I’ve been going back to the dirty electro rock-out sound. It’s all based on moods and atmospheres for me. You can’t keep drinking the same Coca-Cola every day. Sometimes you want a ginger ale or a shot of tequila, so I like to mix it up and keep the energy going.”

WHO: Felix Da Housecat
WHAT: Plays Global Gathering at Entertainment Quarter
WHEN: Sunday 30 November