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Godskitchen 2007 - 6.10.2007

Author: James Brooke
Monday, October 15, 2007
First thing's first - the Godskitchen name is world-renowned for throwing massive partie. This year, they managed to hold up their reputation. Upon arrival at Rod Laver Arena, the first thing I noticed was the Hitler-like voiceover directing people where to go, the source of many a joke throughout the night.

"Blonde people please go to the right and have a good night, all the rest please go to the left and report for your hair cut and shower..."

Might I suggest next year that they use a less-intimidating voice and maybe have some background music, cause the concentration camp feel out the front wasn't cool.

In addition, there were countless sniffer dogs awaiting our arrival. CSR's contributing photographer on the night happened to become the victim of one such 'drug locating' dog. I really don't understand why they bother - the only thing he had on him was a packet of smokes and his camera. Fifteen mins later, their search revealed nothing. I'm glad my tax dollars funded that brainless dog's education.

On to the show...

Main stage was definitely a spectacle of its own, with the DJ being raised 10 metres above the dance floor and a wall of lighting and lasers. The atmosphere the lighting generated thoughout the night was second to none, I spent at least an hour just watching and enjoying the light show. The sound in the main room was nice and punchy with plenty of kick, so long as you were standing on the dance floor or the rear grand stand. If you happened to be at either side of the dance floor in the grand stand, you were lucky enough to experience some really bad echoes and reverb.

The acts in the main room/arena were, without doubt, the highlights of the night. MIKE played a pretty solid set, starting off with tunes like Deadmau5's 'Not Exactly', a few well known Pryda tracks and my personal favourite, D. Ramirez's 'Columbian Soul. His mixing was spot on and he built his set perfectly, going from those more electro-based tunes into Terry Ferminal's 'Deep Inside' and Activa's 'Genetic'.

Steve Helstrip, AKA The Thrillseekers was up next and pulled out all of the biggest tunes in trance at the moment, including, for good measure, his own 'Synaesthesia', the Above and Beyond remix of 'Silence', his own remix of Chicane's 'Autumn Tactics' and my favorite classic, 'Madagascar'. The crowd was well and truly pumped once Steve gave way for Piet Bervoets from Rank 1, who played a killer set that featured some classic tunes and all of the duo's new tracks. Tunes such as Ronald Van Gelderen's 'Dirty Rocker', their remix of Joop's 'The Future', and more, leaving no room for more words - it was one of the best sets I have heard in a long time. His mixing was flawless and the crowd interaction was great.

What happened next should go down in history as one of the best DJ sets ever.

Richard Durand completely smashed it.

Starting with the 'Where's Your Head At-' vocal from Basement Jaxx, the way he spliced and cut it up repeatedly was purely amazing. To see someone do that live on the spot is something special. Durand played all of his floor-pumping remixes, including his remixes of 'Smack My Bitch Up' remix, 'Meet Her At The Love Parade' and others such as Tiesto and BT. Durand played for the people in the crowd and managed to keep the entire place full until they turned on the lights.

I did also check out other parts of the event throughout the night, including the VIP room which was constantly rocking thanks to the Interview boys. I managed to see a little bit of the Global Underground stage which was pretty rocking, until a failed pick-up attempt meant I should change rooms…

Godskitchen 2007 was a great event. The crowd was pretty varied - I think<