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Why We Love Hot BBQ

Author: Johnny Sparklechops
Friday, September 19, 2008
Because it's New Year's Day, and it's usually nice and sunny, and the gig is really easy to get to, and the line-up works, and it full of sexy party people in few clothes, and it's well organized, and best of all, midnight countdowns with drunk bogans have thankfully ended for another 364 days.

Does that pretty much sum it up-

Yet another win for the Future crew, who have managed to soak up their own Summadayze overflow with a much more relaxed and less flouro outing than its crazy relative.

That's not to say you'll be wondering when the sausages arrive. People are there to party, and party they do.

The line-up for Hot BBQ 2008 didn't arrive until November, but when it did it was the musical equivalent of getting lots and lots of medium sized Christmas gifts instead of one big one.

And that's meant as a massive compliment.

Headliners included Cut Copy, De La Soul, Gotye, Plump DJs, Stanton Warriors, Smash Bang, and the recently out of retirement Divinyls featuring Miss Hot BBQ contender, Chrissie Amphlett.

She rocked it, they did too, everyone hooked up the fun-sponge and no-one got hurt.

What a perfect way to start the year.

Watch this space for new of the 2009 line up and deets, it's gonna be another hot one.