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Rusko - Down And Dirty Dubstep

Author: 3D
Monday, February 2, 2009

Rusko is one of the biggest names in dubstep, largely through his work with partner in crime Caspa, but also for his own pulsating, grimey productions. 3D chats to the Englishman ahead of his Sydney show this week.

You weren’t always a dubstep producer, although you’ve found a new fanbase because of your dubstep productions. What drew you to the style-
Every dubstep producer has their own roots, and because they bring those, dubstep’s become a big melting pot. It sounds a bit cheesy, but it’s true. Provided you’re around 140bpm and you’ve got a bit of bass in there, that’s all you need. You can then do pretty much what you want. That’s why I enjoy making dubstep so much – you’ve got so much flexibility. There are no boundaries.

You studied music performance at university – what were you hoping to get into when you began your degree- Did your college years shape your musical tastes and direction-
Yeah. I’ve always played music and I’ve only really been DJing for a couple of years – since I’ve been making dubstep. Up until then I’ve just been a musician and producer. I’ve played in loads of bands playing sax and bass so that’s really where I come from. I’ve always been locked in the studio rather than DJing. I do love DJing, it kind of creeps up on you really. You slowly love it but it takes a little while. I suppose all of this shaped my tastes.
So tell us about these collabs you’ve got coming up. We hear the names Switch, Diplo, Yo Majesty and Wiley…
Hehe, wait and see – some big things coming up.

What about more work with Caspa…-
Oh yeah, I plan to keep working with Caspa: we produce together, DJ together, run labels together and stuff like that. So we’ve always been working together and not so long ago we signed a deal with Fabric to do publishing.

Do you have an album in the works- If so what style and sound palate will you be exploring-
Yeah, I’m working on an album. I’m loving even harder, techno-influenced stuff. Production-wise I’m into Squarepusher. I’m a proper geek. I love the melodies and technicality of it.

So what’s happening over in the English scene this year that you can give us a head’s up on-

In the UK there is always a high turnaround in new tunes. I think that’s half the reason why the crowds turn out because half the tunes in the night they are guaranteed not to have heard before. I think that’s what has really helped it and made it more exciting for people.

Finally, what can we expect from your sets in Oz-
Fabriclive: it’s exactly what you get when you come see me live.

WHO: Rusko
WHAT: Plays VOID at Phoenix Bar & Spectrum / St Jerome’s Laneway Festival, Circular Quay
WHEN: Friday 6 February / Sunday 8