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New wristband security for Meredith

Author: Johnny Sparklechops
Thursday, 20 November 2008
Aunty Meredith's pre-Christmas wig out is poking its head around the corner, so there's just enough time to round up the last pearls of wisdom you'll need to survive Victoria's best festival.

There are few changes from previous outings, mainly because of the 'if it ain't broke' rule.

However, the main development involves a new wristband security system. In recent years the event has experienced its fair share of gatecrashers, so this time around organisers are getting medieval on the culprits 'bottoms.

That means if you try to sneak into Meredith 08 you'll probably face a Mexican Firing Squad at dawn, and anyone dumb enough to help freeloaders crash the party can expect to be burned at the stake.

Or something like that.

(Organisers also considered banning sarcasm in conversation at the Flamingo Bar, although they soon realised that they would have to move the event overseas for that one is to stick).

Security will be checking wristbands throughout the weekend, so not having one is going to kill the mood somewhat, don't you think-