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Parklife 2007 - 30.9.2007

Author: Shell Heaven Lee
Thursday, October 4, 2007
Perfect weather and a friendly atmosphere graced upon Parklife Sydney 2007, at Kippax Lake, Moore Park, which was highly anticipated to be Fuzzy's best lineup in the nine years it's been running.

Much to the dismay of various anti-fluoro facebook warnings, many Parklife festival-goers chose to wear statement outfits in their packs, lighting up the grass area with their neon fashion display which was certainly an acquired taste, but it didn't seem to bother me.

Said to be a crowd strong of 20,000 with poor mobile coverage, the venue never seemed overcrowded: minimal bottlenecks with plenty of space, free water and lifted dancefloors provided, for both dancing and chilling. This crowd was a far more friendlier bunch than agro-past Parklifes.

When we arrived, the entry points to the venue were a long wait to get through, with double-barraged fencing patrolled by security intolerable of fence-jumpers. Those who attempted to jump the fence were swiftly pounced on by security and escorted out. A punter opting to buy a ticket from a scalper in plain view of the entry had it immediately cancelled when they attempted legitimate entry.

Once inside, we made way to the Air Stage, which burst into the afternoon with Stereo MCs and Scratch Perverts, who provided a rock-drive set. Their music was good to bust a move out to and there were many lounged out on the grass enjoying the sounds and struggling in the drink queues, which we didn't face the misfortune of, since we 'pre-drank'. We stayed for awhile, then moved onto the Water Stage, where local K.I.M. was bursting out in song with 'Are You the One-', which we heard later on with other Parklife acts also playing the Presets tune.

Over at Fire Stage, it was filling out in all directions, with Victorian local and Triple-J hugely supported Muscles drawing a huge crowd which was impossible to move around in, but nonetheless enjoyable. With his unique vocals, he used the opportunity of his set to plug his album about three times, but the energy he generated was forgiveable, with many people proclaiming while moving around the park that 'he was the best set of the day' and how they could not wait for his opener for Daft Punk in December.

Later on in the afternoon, the host at the Water Stage asked the crowds, "Would you like a little more French-", rhetorical to the delight of many, like myself who came to the festival to see the many favourite French electro heavyweights of the day.

We were keen to welcome a pleasant French music invasion - one we had been waiting for - for many months coming. Goose, along with many Parklife acts, paid homage to Daft Punk and the crowd continued to unleash their excitement. In the heat of the afternoon, there was an hilarious public spectacle of a crazy guy in the middle of Kippax Lake climbing the fountain statue, crowds cheering and becoming paparazzi to dive off into very stagnant water.

Missing MSTRKRFT play last time they were in town, I was delighted to hear their hits with an added surprise of Wolfmother frontman, Andrew Stockman, joining them on stage to sing along to their mix of 'Woman'. As the evening was cooling down, sweaty crowds were short of breath for the night lineup. Digitalism finally appeared and treated the crowd to their upbeat mix of Justice's 'D.A.N.C.E' and, with live PA and hard beats, the duo also played fellow Parklife act The Sounds' 'Tony the Beat' (who appeared earlier on in the day), as well as what seemed to be a triple encore of 'Zdarlight' and 'Idealistic', with the crowds showing their appreciation.

Happy Electro beats flowed into the night and it wasn't freezing like last year. With improved lighting and spectacular screen visuals, the venue was easy to get around stages, widely appreciated by all for zero toilet lines. A special moment during Digitalism's set was