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Giuseppe Ottaviani - Trance, Magic Trance

Author: 3D
Monday, November 24, 2008

3D talks to Italia’s ambassador of trance, Giuseppe Ottaviani, supporting Paul van Dyk at this week’s Stereosonic event.

OK, first up, you have training in classical music. How did you find your way to producing trance-
Since I come from classical music, melodies have always touched my heart a lot. Trance music perfectly blends big melodies and high energy beats and this is what I like most.

You’ve won numerous awards, and have had dozens of tracks reach ‘hit’ status. Do you feel that the music you’ve received the most acclaim for is your best-
To be honest I am never 100 per cent satisfied on what I do, I’m so critical of my music and I’m looking forward to trying to make it better and better. I always think that the best is yet to come. But this is a good thing for me because it gives me the right thrust to go ahead.

You’ve stated performing your live set holds a special place in your heart, and that each show is unique. Do you find it easy to treat every show with undying enthusiasm-

Yes it is, I really like what I do and I really have fun when playing live, even if it requires a lot of work before and during the show.

Remixing seems to be a passion of yours. What is it about remixing that you love- Is it easy to approach each remix with a clear head and fresh ideas-
Well, I have my personal vision of music and so I clearly know what to do to make a song good for me. There is also a kind of competition trying to make the remix better than the original mix and I definitely like it, but sometimes it’s a very hard job.

What do you know of the Australian electronic music environment- How is it different to Italy’s-
What I can tell you is that I always had great experiences playing down under: I found good clubs, big festivals and always a great crowd. Differences to Italy- Well, I usually don’t play that much in Italy – unfortunately trance is not so big here but I’m patiently waiting for a brighter future.

Finally, what do you have planned for your set at Sublime for Stereosonic- Anything special-
I’m working on my album and I obviously have new demos to test there, so you can expect many ID tracks on my set.

WHO: Giuseppe Ottaviani
WHAT: Plays Stereosonic at Sublime at Home
WHEN: Friday 28 November