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Dartootin 4.1 - The Outdoor/Indoor Party

Author: Azztek @ TranZfusion
Saturday, October 28, 2000
These underground type events really pleased me this year. Darntootin was one of them. Held at the infamous Shed 12 where previous Darntootin party was, this shed has more nooks and crannies than your little lego playground.

Standing out the front waiting to get in I got that feeling I used to get before entering a party. The music was pumping inside, people screaming for joy and the *DOOF* was shaking that little shed to pieces, it was great. Again still waiting to get in I noticed something different, something strange, not only did I feel like the youngest one in the line but it was great to see 30-40 years olds running around in bright colour clothes with and playing chasey like you did in grade 2. It looked like they were having the time of their life.

Once I was inside, I noticed the amount of decor that covered every nail and rust piece of shed. IT WAS AMAZING. The brightness, the colour and the great artwork. Running through tunnels, stairs and decor. I finally to made it onto the top banister. IT WAS LIKE AN OUTDOOR PARTY INDOORS. I felt like I was in the bush or something. With the Truck like front the DJ's were playing behind and the crowd going nuts I knew we were in for a good night.

As I didn't arrive until late I only caught a handful of the DJ's. Matty Flynn blew our minds with a tranced up set. Bam Bam then got on the decks to surprise us with a few classics. Flowed by the Legendary Teriyaki DJ Dee Dee who's faultless mixing was a sight to see and hear. Yes I did find a whole in the truck were I could Trainspot to my hearts content without the DJ even knowing I was there :).

The sun came up and the crowd went harder as the morning was filled with the sounds of the Outdoor music "Psy-Trace". Great way to finish off a perfect night.