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Jeff Mills- Chevron Nightclub

Author: Azztek @ TranZfusion
Sunday, March 25, 2001
Party: Jeff Mills
Date: Friday 23rd March 2001
Venue: Chevron Nightclub
Promoter: Hardware Productions
Reviewer: Azztek

Just about every year Hardware puts on a dedicated show, a show for the magician, for the one they call Jeff Mills. Being a loyal and strong supporter of the Hardware productions for many years, it still amazes me that every time 'The Wizard' comes to town, I end up elsewhere or missing his tour. Until now!

Ever since the 1980's, Jeff Mills has been leading the techno revolution. First developing 'Underground Resistance' with two friends 'Mad' Mike banks and Robert 'Noise' Hood and then moving on to help develop 'Axis Records', a Chicago based label that pioneered in the new minimal techno sound, one that is now heard all around the world.

In those days Mills DJ'ed under the alias 'The Wizard'. He was and still is a DJ known for his sheer fluidity on the decks and a master of sound. Now leaving all guises behind (although sometimes known as 'The Purpose Maker') Jeff Mills has once again hit our shores and ready to tear apart the Melbourne crowds.

Since the docklands are no more, it seems as though Hardware has taken up residency at the Chevon Nightclub. A huge double-floored venue with 5 or more rooms making it an adventure to get from one place to the other, especially with 1,500 people crammed into the venue. BOY WAS IT HOT! Hot, packed and going off.

I didn't arrive until late. Very late. Some might say too late.
Jeff Mills was scheduled to play at 2 o'clock, although when I arrived at 2.15am I was devastated to find he had been on the decks for an hour already. Wha- Who changed the times- Why change the times- Apparently, Jeff Mills wanted to have an early night. That's what I was told from the door babe anyway. That was a bit of a disappointment, but what can you do-

Mills whacked on a few classics and favourites like 'The Bells' and played a few tracks that I recognised from his 'Liquid room sessions' CD, but most of it was new and innovative music. The highlight of the night for me, was a track that he had specially made for the Melbourne crowds. Not sure of the title but it was phat, banging and bouncy. Just how we like it. I remember someone telling me the story once it came on. This track was ours, and we fucking loved it.

He was performing like only a master knows how, mixing on three decks and he even jumped onto his drum machine later on in the piece, beefing up the sound and adding his own unique touches that were perfectly placed. Although, I must admit quite a few mixes were rough around the edges, and he did not have that smooth flowing style as I expected. But nevertheless, he didn't disappoint.

So apart from the over crowded, over heated venue. Jeff Mills rocked. I left straight after to enjoy a night out with friends down at @mosphere. But that is another story.