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Event Review: Private Sessions: Fiji @ Traps Bar

Author: Chapel@8
Tuesday, August 27, 2002
Melbourne's Dean Millson whose part of the Australia's club cultural website TRANZFUSION.NET and a dj of its offspring PRIVATE FUNCTION strut Fiji's clubbers with a fresh musical cord.

'Progressive House' already being massive in experienced clubbing nations such as Europe, USA and Australia had a brand new onset for Fiji clubbers at Suva's Traps Bar on Saturday, 24TH August.

Dean's passion for this genre was definitely felt amongst the local crowd and a night to remember for a few others!

He had a perfect start with Lonely Planet's "Pollen" and gradually pitched to top progressive tracks such as Satoshi Tommie's "Love in Traffic", Saint and Sinners "Pusing Too Hard", and the awesome Sleepfreaks tune "Chemical Shift" just to name a few!

At the end of the night, Dean's musical influence definitely had an impact on Fiji's scene and im sure he'd love to do it once again!!

Also it was a perfect opportunity to have Dean expose such a taste to the 'underexposed' clubbers of Fiji which potentially can catch on to the crowd.

Thanks BigBrother!