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Paul Van Dyk @ Sublime - 10.5.2002

Author: millimoo @ Tranzfusion
Monday, May 13, 2002
DJ's: Paul Van Dyk, Peewee Ferris, Nik Fish, Jumping Jack, Matt & Kayla, Ritual, Vader, MC Antic, Kid Kenobi, Q45, Emme, Kate Monroe, Craig Obey, Ben Korbel & Trent Anthony.

The time had finally arrived. Paul Van Dyk (aka PVD) was gracing our shores yet again. All week there had been hype, there was anticipation and most of all excitement as to what this DJ could create!

People had been reporting throughout the day that punters had started lining up at 3 pm and by 9 pm the queue was 1 km long! Arriving a little later (11.00 pm) I was greeted by a non-existent queue - but once inside, the club was full to the brim. The main dance floor was already full of sweaty bodies, with hardly any room to move let alone dance. Pee Wee was the Dj leading up to PVD who started to create a frenzy as time got closer to Mr Van Dyk heading on stage. Spinning the latest remix of Robert Miles ' Children' and Walter and Gelder's 'Section O' Pee Wee built up the crowd, as I have never witnessed before.

Needing to take a breather, I wandered up to the terrace to catch some housey tunes from none other than resident Cargo DJ Kate Monroe. Spinning some wicked tracks, time flew by and before I knew it the main man was about to hit the decks. With a warm welcome from Home MD, the crowd went wild, as this is what we had all being waiting for.

With brilliant lighting and the best laser display I have ever seen, PVD lived up to his name of being one of the world's best DJ's. Spinning some trancey/ hard house tunes, at times it got a bit much and many people (including myself) had to take a step back so you could really capture the true essence of him. Paul's set itself was very impressive, spinning various tracks from his latest album, Ferry Corsten's 'Punk' and Rank 1 'Awakening', this could very well be the "set of the year". But what came next, nobody could have ever imagined. His last track for the evening was one that we all pleased about - 'For an Angel'. The crowd went berserk; appreciating the exceptional talent this man had shown Sydney.

Jumping Jack was next on decks that continued with some hard house. Needing a rest I ventured into the Sub - Bar to catch some of Ben Korbel's set. Playing more of a progressive sound than deep house, he finished off the night quite nicely for my friends and I.

Being very pleased with the night's entertainment, I think there was not one person who walked away that night without a smile on their face.