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Beat Fest Melbourne - 20.3.2004

Author: Chris Wheeldon
Wednesday, March 31, 2004
BeatFest '04
Metropolis City, Perth.

Arriving at Metropolis City on a hot and sticky Perth night, I expected to see a bumper crowd gathered around the futuristic looking super club. Although early, a crowd existed but was in no way bumper, a bit of a surprise considering the line up for the night. With two of the worlds greatest ever DJ's: a pioneering hip-hop group and a world-class drum and bass DJ, BeatFest could do nothing but impress.

With Fat Fluid's, DJ Bilsby supplying a slowing building crowd with sombre beats and crowd pleasing tracks. Bilsby is a well renowned DJ around Perth, with a style that simply washes over a crowd and a style that seem to fit perfectly into the BeatFest atmosphere. As he made way for Roc Raida, Bilsby had managed to get a bumper crowd onto the dance floor with more heading that way as more and more people began filtering into the club.

As Roc Raida hit the stage with MC Boogie Blind a definite level of anticipation had hit the air. As he dropped his first track the crowd realised they were about to see someone that defies logic, someone that can do things with records that seem impossible. As he launched into his first trick routine many in the crowd stopped dancing and looked up and the stage or at the screens beside the stage.
Roc Raida's ability to get a crowd moving even while performing a routine is beyond belief. He moves between tracks with ease, juggles complicated beats and changes the entire melody of a song with out losing a note. Raida dropped classic tracks between routines, 'Still Dre" and Blondie's 'Rapture' had the crowd swaying to recognised beats.
As his set began to close, we still had time for one last routine, a routine that managed to leave many speechless as Roc Raida hit a speed that defined logic. Throwing in the obligatory body tricks, between the legs, over the back and using hi mouth to control the cross fader, Roc Raida produced a show that not only impressed all but would have many asking themselves, 'How the hell did he do that'.

Between acts DJ Karl Blue and Ad Roc supplied tracks that had the crowd bopping but most lost interest and at times the club turned into some what of a R&B club with cheesy beats and melodies

Live Quest took the stage to perform a single track, which had many thanking them for that fact. They did little to impress and if you were to ask the majority of the crowd what they thought, many would fail to remember they were even on the bill.

As 12:30 hit, The Beatnuts took to the stage. With JuJu decked out in a Outkast inspired white suit jacket and Les in a LA Lakers uniform, the duo looked every bit like a truly American hip-hop group. Getting right into their set with tracks that had the crowd jumping and the ladies shaking, The Beatnuts showed their quality as a group and their ability ti control a crowd.
Although struggling throughout the set with an unresponsive microphone, JuJu stood out as a supreme performer. Playing a few new tracks, including a sure fire club hit 'Buggin" as well as old classics such an 'Off the Books' and 'Ya Better Believe It'. The obligatory girls on stage soon hit the Metropolis, with many girls jumping on stage to show their wares as dancers. An act that suddenly had all the guys attention directly back to the stage allowing The Beatnuts to finish off their show with the attention of all in the club. The Beatnuts performed show that fit seamlessly into the night and although at times their egos seemed to get the better of them, they really do know how to put on a show.

Leading up to the main event, the Perth crowd was treated to a trick routine of their very own DMC Champ DJ Finatik. He impressed all with his ability to scratch and beat mix at a level that may have the worlds best somewhat worried. For many in the crowd it seemed as though they were amazed that such a talent actually lives and works within Perth but more so many were amazed that he is still only 17 y