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Chris Fortier @ Private Function - 29.5.2004

Author: Jaded
Tuesday, June 8, 2004
Well, what an evening.

I missed Ivan Gough's set but got there in time to hear Dean Millson warm up nicely for Chris. Chris upped the tempo and the beats. His set just kept driving, getting more intense with each track. I must take my hat off to Mr Fortier as I really enjoyed what I heard of his set, and he was a really nice guy too! I was expecting his set to be much more melodic than it was, but I was still impressed.

Unfortunately, I had to leave for an hour and got back in time to hear his last track.

Mark James followed. I've never heard him play before and I reckon the tunes he was playing would have been well received earlier in the evening. However, he wasn't able to maintain the intensity that Fortier had created and I ended up going and checking out Keltec instead.

Keltec's set was great fun and I think that the "Toxic" bootleg is going to keep turning heads - especially Scottie's who wouldn't stop dancing the whole way through. In fact, Scottie left the dance floor and then came back when he realised the track hadn't finished!

Keltec's been in fine form of late and I look forward to hearing what he has next in store for us.

After a brief trip to the car for chats and a can of V, it was time to head back in to the main room to hear Aaron Roach's set and, as per usual, he came through with the goods. It was good to hear a few of my old favorites again and it was a great way to finish off the night.

The idea behind Volume was supposed to be about combining all types of electronic music, progressing through different styles over the course of the evening. However, the only progression I noticed was the beats in the main room getting harder.

I have to hand it to Room. The renovations are great and the club is extremely well run (fortunately wth air conditioning this time) but it definitely didn't feel like the night was all about the music...