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Creamfields 2004 - 28.8.2004

Author: Cookiegirl
Thursday, September 9, 2004
Chemical Brothers, Scissor Sisters, Scratch Perverts, Mylo, Ferry Corsten, Paul Oakenfold, Felix Da Housecat, Seb Fontaine, Erick Morillo, Dave Seaman, Way Out West, Pete Tong, Layo and Bushwacka!, Anne Savage, Krafty Kuts and many many more...

After getting up at 7.30am to be at London's Victoria station and on a bus by 10am followed by a five-and-a-half hour bus ride to Liverpool, one might assume that I would perhaps be feeling irritated and tired... After arriving at the site only to discover that the VIPs had to line up in a muddy field for an additional 3 hours one might speculate that I could be feeling slightly over it and possibly even a little irate. Not a chance! This was Creamfields 2004 after all and as my ever gracious friend reminded me, as we were busy making the most of our 'line experience', if we didn't pay for our tickets, well then this was the least we could do to earn them! As I'm sure the organisers are aware, once you're inside the gates this fantastic festival more than compensates for such a diminutive inconvenience.

If anything the whole experience only served to delay the gratification if you will. But I must say, as my friend and I skipped happily through the gates flashing our little silver wristbands, I commented that after enduring the classic hits of the 70s, 80s and 90s on the coach, those first few glorious beats were going to be like sweet water to my perched soul. Luckily she knows me well enough to accept my flair for the dramatic!

The first thing I noticed about this event was how lovely and spread out it was. There were 40 000+ people and yet there was never a feeling of overcrowding which was great. There were big top tents everywhere, flashing lights and happy faces. It was just like a great big futuristic circus which had been randomly deposited in the middle of nowhere and it was great.

So after getting our drinks my group was compelled to head straight for the Radio 1 Arena where the Plump DJs were sweating out their final 15 minutes. Yep, Plump DJs again! Those of you who have read my other reviews are probably finding my endless gushing praise of this duo slightly ad nauseum by now. So I'll restrict my gushing to a modest trickle... they were great.

After they finished we went for a bit of a wander. There were less market stalls than I expected but an abundance of rides and a nice little chill-out area conveniently situated next to an array of food vendors. At this point any fears that I may have had about having to starve or eat the usual UK festival grease were happily allayed by the most divine Mexican burrito that I have enjoyed in quite some time. But just as we sat down to enjoy our food the familiar intro to that Crooklyn Clan classic 'Let's Get Ill' caressed my ears and suddenly I was bounding stupidly towards the main stage calling 'Scratch Perverts' and dragging my friends behind me with dribbles of refried beans splashing madly around me.

I don't think many would dispute that as far as technical ability goes, the scratch DJs, trick DJs, turntablists, deckticians (whatever you wanna call 'em) of this world have got it sewn up. The Perverts are top notch even in that field, "da cream o' da cream" if you will. So it sure is an experience watching these boys. Chunks of block party classics punctuated with tasty little scratch sections & beat juggling of ridiculous precision. The rhythm stayed solid enough to keep you bouncing and the scratching was tight enough to keep you gob-smacked. What more can you ask for-

Following that the Scissor Sisters strutted out to deliver a skanked out dirty disco style rock show...from hell. Billing the Scissor Sisters seemed to be a bit incongruous with Creamfields to me. But if they shared my sentiments in any small measure then they sure didn't show it. They were having an absolute riot of a time up there & their energy was infectious. The thing I liked most about them was the fact that thye are a refreshing blend