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Event Review: NuBreed

Author: Phil Watkins
Monday, May 10, 2004
NuBreed - "The Original" Album Launch
Colonial Hotel Melbourne - Sat May 8th 2004

"We really want to create our own style which is NuBreed" - Michael, NuBreed

We have all seen and experienced breaks as the new electronic music odyssey in Melbourne for quite a number of years now, and there is no one better to express this style than the boys from NuBreed. Started as three and now four, their live shows with the inclusion of the formidable Andy Page on guitar and bass and Brian on live drums are becoming renowned for doing damage across Australia and internationally.

Their first album "The Original" has been long awaited to say the least and is causing quite a bit of a stir around the traps and it was a pleasure to be at the first leg of their national album tour.

Fractured has been supporting NuBreed since they have started one of the premier breaks nights in Melbourne and you can always be guaranteed some rocking breaks and basslines shaking the foundations of whichever venue they are holding their gatherings.

The Colonial Hotel is a three level venue which offers a pumping main room on the ground floor, a warm bar area on the second floor and a cosy top floor. As I walked through the entrance of the bar, I was immediately met with a thick atmosphere and good natured people doing some chilling before NuBreed took to the stage. DJ Lynt was warming the punters down on the floor of the main room with a set that built well from the start seering the early birds with some smooth and rocking basslines, but you couldn't help feeling the anticipation of NuBreed's upcoming performance filling the area.

When they took to the stage the dancefloor was jammed to the rafters with people jockeying around to find that one spot they knew they wouldn't leave for the next two hours. From the beginning Nubreed owned the crowd , using the mic and the basslines to lift the atmosphere into overload by half way through the first tune. "One Day" started to filter through as the second and the place went wild. From then on, they had the whole floor in their hands not to mention the people hanging off the rafters from the bar upstairs! Moving the tempo deeply to the slamming bass lines they are renowned for, it was the first time in a long time that I have seen a mosh pit develop at a party! Enveloped in each tune the boys on stage seemed to be enjoying the set as much, if not more than the now wild punters, letting their home town know that respect was due. The live guitar, bass and drums made the set an audio spectacle and I think this merging could very well be the future of break's performances, for me this was the first taste and I want to see more…!!!

A collection of beats, deep, smooth vocals and some wicked MC'ing made this set one of the highlights of the year so far. Opening people's eyes (if not already wide open!) to the true extent of which NuBreed have evolved into a group that can push the boundaries of the music they are producing.

What a night this was, if you haven't yet seen NuBreed then make this a priority in your party calendar. A good start in your journey towards a Nu Breed of enlightenment would be pick up the new album so that you can taste their live sets over your stereo at home!