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Event Review

Author: Philip Watkins
Saturday, May 22, 2004
Fathom - 15/05/2004
Colonial Hotel - Melbourne

Going back to the site of the mad for it NuBreed album launch of last week had me twitching a little. Maybe those really were flashbacks! In all seriousness this was for something a little different. With two of the international big guns of the house scene playing to a sold out show down the road, you would think the locals would, in essence, be unlucky.

In the case of Fathom, this being its second instalment, it was far from it. When I walked to the top floor of the Colonial, I was greeted by an almost-full room, one of those thick atmospheres that you can come to expect from a local Melbourne party. For those who think that there really isn't an underground following in Melbourne - think again. This party really did seem real for the right reasons.

After PT Cruiser set the tone with some quite excellent breaks, Mr Kirk took to the decks for some proper house. With an inclusion of some of his own production, the crowd really took to his sound for such a relatively small party. At one point I thought there were only a few people sitting down!

By the end of Mr Kirk's set, I was beginning to get the feeling that this night was going to become "one of those ones". I want to also take the time to show my appreciation for the Rollin' Connection, not just for their name, but for the fact that these two guys put together some excellent music, and their individual styles merged very well to form a great set, which lifted the party into overdrive. I even remember a somewhat progressive version of Michael Jackson's "Bad" being played - not your average tune at a night that is predominantly progressive, but I honestly have to say that I think this will be one of those nights that can push boundaries in the future.

I originally wasn't considering doing a review for this party but after experiencing it for myself; I have since renewed my faith in the smaller productions. From the decor, to the vibe, all those more subtle elements can make Melbourne into something I don't think it can conceive yet. This is in itself is a case in point; if you don't consider the smaller parties then you can't really taste the reality of our scene, something which I think some people (but obviously not everyone) might have lost hope in. Congratulations to Dave and Ferris for applying their trade essentially against the odds and doing it well.

In closing, get your arse to Fathom and enjoy this for yourself; I did.