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Factory - 19.6.2004

Author: quazi
Tuesday, June 22, 2004
Didn't stay for too long at the awaited return of Factory, but while I was there, man, the music and vibe couldn't get any better! Rocked up early to see Sharpboy, smiling away while dropping in some fine tunes - Hand To Phone by Adult. Always gets me going.

I slowly made my way to MTM's Techno Sector to hear the special performance from Dijy Pete. This solo performance was amazing, totally different to when he played against the banging sounds of Linas at The Advent show. On his own with his mixer, Dijy Pete gave a new name to the tribal type sound. Next up on the bill was main man PDT, whose banging techno is nothing but hard from start to finish.

The LIVE techno sounds of Linas soon followed, to what was an absolute mean set. Totally focused and always in a zone, Linas delivers nothing but pro techno. Heard only half of Gene Hofmann vs Dan Rachele's set before going home to get some rest. These boys, no doubtingly, continued the techno tunes throughout the night, until Chris Pana was due to play a tech trance set that would have been absolute bliss to hear.