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Judge Jules @ Quest on the Gold Coast

Author: The Captain & Scuba Steve
Tuesday, July 6, 2004
After hearing JUDGE JULES was to play at my favourite local night club (QUEST Lounge Bar and Club), I asked work to re-organised the roster. Being a sunday night it was a bit tricky, but with a few please, please, pleases it was sorted. That night, on the way, Scuba Steve told a story of the first time he caught Judge Jules (also at Quest). A story of Pretty Ladies, Bubblie Champaige and an ask of the Judge to take them on a musical journey, and a journey he told was took. Scuba & I arrived a little behind schedule, but with lady luck on our side Judge Jules came on not long after.

From the upstairs balcony we had a birds eye view, as the big white curtain pulled across the stage unveiling 2 hot mommas dressed in sexy police uniforms with Judge Jules looking pleased as punch set to give Judement in the middle. Scuba & I raced downstairs parting the hords of locals like the RED SEA to enjoy a prime pozzy up right at centre stage.
A DJ ranked in the top 10 around the globe, renowned for his work with Ministry of Sound had the crowd peaking higher than the sun over Ibiza.

With Mammoth round sounding fat trancey bass beats he energised the his audience. Then sending them into a hurricane of movement as he illuminated their faces, taking photos to be displayed later on his website.

The crowd of about 300 thinned after 3am, with all who stayed still having a grand time being thankful of more space on the dance floor to throw and wave a limb.

Fantastic night of friends, fun, and fat tracks.