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Mauricio Avilles - Naked Music Tour

Author: Phil Watkins
Wednesday, October 6, 2004
When 'house music' and New York label 'Naked Music', are mentioned in the same sentence you know you are in line for some quality music. San Francisco DJ Mauricio Avilles, responsible for the sublime Nude Dimensions Two compilation on Naked Music was in Melbourne for one night only.

Seven nightclub does not need any introduction, especially the Family house night on Saturdays. The organisers are well regarded for consistently giving their full houses what they need.

It had been a long time since I had been to Family. I expected the cream of the clubbing community would be there in full-force, with shaped hair cuts and classy styles.

I arrived to see the main room was filling up nicely. It was great to see Luke Bowditch playing in the main room at such a big night. He had not lost the vibe, playing a slamming warm up set which included some pretty good breaks tunes as well.

The lounge area was the place to be in when Mauricio came on and this room is known to have the best nights in Seven. The crowd were being treated with some sultry bass lines with blissful vocals that are typical of the house music San Francisco is known for. The lounge was melting.

In the main room Quentin was playing the latest commercial cuts of house, with some great tunes that also contained heavier undercurrents. I really enjoyed what I heard and so did the rest of the crowd, there was a fantastic atmosphere which made it a great set to witness.

Mauricio Avilles left the lounge in a loving heap, a Naked Music 'groovathon' had been and gone. I would recommend this DJ to any person who has lost faith in house music as the good feelings that were put out over the two-and-a-half hours were second to none and the vibe certainly got me excited for the up coming summer house season! In the end a great night was had by all, I will be looking forward to Mauricio hitting our shores again soon.