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Relax - The Farewell featuring PQM: Two Floors Up 19/06/2004

Author: Phil Watkins
Thursday, June 24, 2004
Relax has been one of the premier arty nights in Melbourne for some time now. I can remember taking one of my friends there for his birthday last year and seeing him lose it for the first time since I could remember!

With these memories very much intact, I was happy to be a part of the final night for Relax. As I walked in, the bottom floor was rammed with the old skool sounds sending people nuts. Still early it seemed that this was going to be one to remember. With people singing along to the tunes that were coming through the great system in this venue, it was good to be a part of it, and I could feel that people were really up to send out this night in style.

Walking up to the top floor, DJ Tahi was killing it. The floor was rammed and the atmosphere in this place was thick with a musk that I always associate with great nights with Tahi's electro sound making the crowd look like they were on a bouncy castle! It is great to enjoy a DJ who knows his tunes and plays with a confidence that makes the crowd go crazy. This set was no exception and I knew that when PQM arrived the party would go into overdrive.

Rammed to the rafters PQM took to the decks. If you haven't seen one of his sets as yet take Nike's advice and "Just Do It." He has been ripping floors apart in Melbourne both with his slamming east side Hip Hop sound and with his unique house sound for awhile now and is definitely becoming one of Melbourne's favourite sons, (adopted or not we'll claim it all the same!) Overdrive is an understatement as PQM's "Mellow" cut through people's unconscious, the floor looked like the audition of Australian Idol as the crowd sang along with the infectious vocals. I was certainly giving the performance of my life. I thought the roof was going to come off! A cosy atmosphere is understated and in this case, I had one of those moments where you feel that all is perfect. With accapella's from Nubreed the crowd was being treated to a world class set. Once again as has been the case with Relax in the past, DJs who know their tunes and genuinely enjoy what they are doing and how they do it is a buzz to watch and is definitely fuelling my pro-Melbourne vibe. As the set came to an end and I realised that it was getting close to dawn , Nas took over the speakers, no beats just some pure Hip Hop, then the shock, a DnB tune that ended the set with a bang, I certainly wasn't expecting it, a perfect way to personify the set that had gone past, unique and something I definitely want to see more of.

If that wasn't enough, DJ Tahi took to the decks for a closing set that sent the party into the early hours of the new day.

In conclusion, I attended a farewell for a night that has served its followers well and did so for a final time with the great atmosphere and tunes that it became famous for in the first place. Big Up!