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Sunny And Escape Present General Midi / Starecase [uk] - 21.5.2004

Author: Benjamin Knox
Friday, June 4, 2004
General Midi, part of the premier international breaks unit Starecase, had his chance to show his wares to Melbourne at the Colonial Hotel. After a few good nights at this venue I have to say that having a premier DJ take the decks there was an exciting prospect to say the say the least.

After hitting the Double O for a bit of a warm up I was ready for a major lesson in breaks.
As I was walking up the stairs the music was slamming, some tough melodic breaks streaming through the air and then it hit me.

I was greeted by an almost empty venue! I was shocked. Whether or not people around town have been simply drained by the amazing amount of talent flying through our city over the last month or so I will never know but there you have it. I guess some people hold different artists in higher regard than others but I think the shock came from having one of the best breaks talent of the moment banging out world class tunes to an empty club.

Enough from me, General Midi earned his Melbourne stripes as he has done at other gigs in our beautiful city from start to finish. Known as one of the many nice guys in the breaks scene, a DJ who plays with a smile on his face even when the crowd is not the average size that he would be used to, is a refreshing thing to see.

Three hour sets are great only when you have a DJ that knows how to programme three complete hours, building all the way. I would like to say that in my opinion General Midi played like someone who has done this quite a few times. I couldn't help but getting a real jungle and drum and bass vibe from the basslines coming through which for me was a new experience, I loved it. Regardless of the crowd I stayed right until the end purely because I could leave without wanting to find out where the next tune would take the set and the people on the dance floor.

Tunes of the night were an excellent breaks remix of "Timeless" by Goldie and "We have been waiting for you" by General Midi and DJ Hyper, a DJ who was gracing Room the evening after. This leads me to my final point if you have two DJ/producers who are making tunes with each other and who happen to end up in the same city on the same weekend, why not give the punters something more and put them on the same bill-

All in all a good night was had based purely on the fact that General Midi ripped it up…!