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The Space Djz - Sonic Armageddon! - 9.7.2004

Author: chrish @ tranzfusion
Tuesday, July 20, 2004
MTM and Wet coming together to celebrate all things techno by bringing out Space Djz. This is going to be sweet. You all should remember Dome many years back when they rocked the casbar for 6+ solid hours. Who could forget- And to all that missed it, I feel sorry for you all. So, whilst attempting to repress all the bad memories of the last time that played in Melbourne, /* It wasn't their fault, they were stuck in a really small room at the back of a stadium with really horrible acoustics */ I jumped in my batmoblie, chucked on "Last Djz on Earth" and headed anxiously towards hifi bar.

Once I got there the first thing I noticed is that they toned down the lasers. At the last MTM party they went a bit overboard in my opinion. But no qualms, a lot of people love that stuff, and perhaps i'm just getting too old for all this, and at risk of sounding like a rambling old man. I really think someone should turn the volume down a little at the hifi bar, It's always way way to loud. It's my only real issue with the place, other than that it's a pretty solid venue.

Singularly, Jamie Bismire and Ben Long have been a strong force in techno; both as dj's and producers. They have set a benchmark for others to aspire to and are well respected throughout the international techno community. In some countries they have reached god status and there has been rumour of shrines bearing their names and tech fanatics placing gifts and sacrificing small animals weekly to get their dose of techno. Together as Space Dj's they have surpassed even god status to form some sort of hybrid, immortal, elite and omnipresent entity that spreads the good word of techno throughout the world one country at a time.

It was so good to see a lot of old faces amongst the ever-changing partygoers. When these two come out they seem to somehow move all those rocks that everyone's been hiding under and get them all together again. This is an amazing natural phenomenon that occurs in Melbourne usually one night each year.

PDT, Colye, Linus, you all rock. I enjoyed your sets thoroughly and you played the quality techno we have all come to expect. Usually the local gang always ends up tearing a new one and taking a lot of glory away from internationals. But not this time, sorry.

As soon as Space Dj's walked on stage they had the crowd eating out of their palms. Not chicken feed but an intricate and alluring blend of rolling basslines and sweet techno. Most of the time I had no idea what was being played, they cut everything up too fast and layered it all so well.

Surprisingly, and correct me if I'm wrong but they didn't play "AK47", it is probably a good thing because I would have wet my pants. I nearly did when they dropped "Numbers and Measures".

It is great to know that tracks like these have stood the test of time and still can be played now to such effect. I recognised a lot of classics being played and a nice serving of booty tech was mashed into their set too.

As the night slowly wound up and the crowd started to thin out I decided it was time to hit the hay and leave on a high note before I get too tired. Holy moley what a good night. It's always a pleasure to attend a MTM and\or WET party. Respect to both crews for putting on a top party.