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Wotw:2060 Deep Space Techno Featuring Kevin Saunderson [detroit, Usa] - 1.10.2004

Author: Skindeep
Friday, October 8, 2004
War Of The Worlds has been a Melbourne institution for the last four years or so, each time offering punters a line-up of intergalactic proprotions and the decor and setup to match. This year was a little different. Not only was this the last WOTW, but it was split into two parties; techno at the Hi-Fi Bar and trance at QBH. This, of course, was the techno party at my favourite venue with a Nexus sound-system to boot.

I walked in to Phunk de Sonique doing their awesome thing. These guys are fast becoming one of Melbourne's favourite live groups with their forward thinking, Detroit-inspired, main-room techno sets. This might have been the best I've heard yet, and everyone on the floor seemed to think so too. A rockin' start to what was going to be a really big night!

Around 1:30am, Mr Kevin Saunderson, techno-instigator and supreme commander casually approached the decks as sound fx and vocal samples heralded his arrival. "Detroit techno! Deeeeee-trooooooit technooooo!" No fuss, no nothing, he dropped the first tune, and off we went. Thumping beats and rhythmic percussion arrangements were on tap and flowing freely, with melodic stabs and the odd vocal moving things along. I don't think I've ever seen someone mix as fast as he did, and still not miss a beat, or a phrase, or anything, he must have taken a record off the deck every minute or two! It was all in there: looped hi-hat tracks, rumbling tribal grooves, electro-tech, euro-techno, detroit-techno/house, hard, soft, all part of the game. He'd cruise along for a few minutes, and then drop something really phat and then just edge it up and up, before breaking down and then slamming in a monster and letting us 'ave it for a while. More than a set, it was a lesson, both in how to play and how to listen to beat driven music. KMS, we salute you!

At this stage I should mention that the Nexus sound-system was providing the best sound I've ever heard indoors. The guys manning the desk were on the ball, always tightening up the bass when required, and keeping everything tuned to perfection. Towards the end of the night they seemed to take out a bit of the booming bass and compress the kicks a little, which was welcome as our ears were being punished to the extreme (in a good way mind you)! It's always a shame when the sound is a bit off, but there weren't going to be any problems in that department!

Ben Cromack took the helm around 4:30 and moved into more hypnotic territory, working all 3 decks like only he can. I took this opoortunity to get some air, and check out the Lasergun room up stairs, which was rocking and apparently had been all night. Eventually we moved on downstairs again to catch Dave Pham tear it up morning stylee. I love the records he plays, and from the first tune it was on. Twisted, electro-driven techno, very hard, very rocking and mixed up with some pounding techno tracks. He slowed it up a half hour before close, bit o' groovy acid stuff and a classy electro track to finish it all off. The few people left were all on the dancefloor!

All I can say, is if you missed this, you missed a part of history. WOTW won't be back unfortunately and this was without a doubt the finest techno performance of them all. Massive props to all the crews involved, hi-5's all 'round, thanks for coming eh-!