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Private Function #26 With Pqm - 25.2.2005

Author: Phil Watkins
Thursday, March 3, 2005
PQM arrives on time at Platform One to begin the new era for Private Function

As you may be aware that if you are into anything progressive in the dance music world especially within our flourishing scene in Melbourne then you will have been to Private Function, responsible for bringing out the likes of Habersham and Matthew Dekay to name a few it was the turn for one of Melbourne's favourite US imports PQM to come in and show the Private Function crew some action.

It was a change of venue for the Private Function crew for this the 26th instalment, that makes this lot one of the longest running party crews in Melbourne, big ups...!

Anyway as many will know Two Floors Up was the pretty much the most famous venue for PF or least the one I have been going to since I can remember, but in a change for what I think is a very promising future this was the first to be held at Platform One in Banana Alley. Now I know that this venue might not have the best credentials but I am telling you when I walked in to the main room not knowing what to expect I was greeted by the bomb shelter look alike and loved it immediately, the long half cylindrical environment really gave this place an underground feel something which I feel will be the future of dance music for a few years to come. Sasha Petrovic was warming up really well, people very havin' it on the dance floor and there was a really nice atmosphere with a good crowd of people ready to smash it up.

Ok, for a start if you haven't seen PQM take out one of the many gigs he has played around town and you are still reading the reviews about afterwards then you must have no real intention of treating your ears at all but that's ok you can find solstice in the knowing that they are many around town who have taken their ears and nurtured their love for dance music. Known for his normally darker but seminal impressions of house music Quick seemed to feel like something new and I must say for the first time he really started as he meant to continue owning the dance floor as soon as the pitched down voice of "You pick up this working girl" rang through the gloriously crisp system of the venue. One of the most well known dance floors bombs from Quick's sets in the past has been "Babe I'm gonna leave you", if you don't what I talking about then sorry it's not my fault. Marcus Schulz has been given the treatment rights to this one and as a second tune to get the set going, Quick chose well as the tougher pitch and sound had the crowd letting rip with screams and I think I even saw someone start to touch themselves but I can't be sure! ;)

Progressive house and all its derivatives have been classed as slow and uninventive but I think it is now a very exciting time as the fusion of this sound and the trancier end has begun and is evolving into something that will give the best of both worlds to those who like both which I think is a large contingent of the Melbourne club crowd. Keeping up with the tougher sound throughout the two hours I myself did not leave the dance floor and found the two hour set really was delivered which means that it was all done intentionally rather than playing to the crowd in a lot of ways which in my opinion makes a very credible DJ, making the set as a whole a highlight. PF put on a great night with Dean Milson and Aaron Roach finishing up with a solid back-to-back session. If I was you I would give Private Function a go next instalment, be part of something a little more underground and relaxed and you might find yourself pleasantly addicted to both the music and the atmosphere!