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Quality Control Launch Feat Poxy Music (Live) - 29.7.2005

Author: Phil Watkins
Friday, August 5, 2005
Local Boys move forward in Quality Control at the Prince

Well it is definitely that time of year, for what it is worth winter is upon us and seasonal affective disorder is affecting the masses. Smiles turn to frowns as the winter hibernation begins and people begin to nurse themselves back to health after what was a massive summer and autumn season in the clubs.

There are though some of us who would prefer that this hibernation not exist at all and for the fun of the clubs to carry on through. As was the case last year some of the best local club nights tend to pop up during this period and this gives you as good as reason as any to venture into the cold to find yourself the right dance floor to warm up with some friends.

One of the best local nights of last year from my own personal point of view was run by three geese no less (Dan Mangan, Keltec and Brewster B) and was called Broken Home, which gave Brown Alley it's first taste of decent breaks tunes with artists such as Andy Page and Scrambler paying live sets to the great atmosphere. Another local night that is delved in everyone's memories is Relax which was a monthly Saturday night out of Two Floors Up, this night welcomed DJs like PQM and saw the rise of DJs Tahl and Feigan into the local mash up scene.

Last Friday night saw the beginning of a monthly night called Quality Control where these two crews merged together to present a night of breaks, electro and house also presenting Sydney duo "Poxy Music" for a live set of breaks and all things quality to kick things off.

As I arrived at the venue on a nice mild Friday evening it was great to see a queue of people outside waiting to get in. This doesn't happen to often at a local club night and on arriving the band room at the POW was suitably full and getting their orders from Dan Mangan who has now definitely evolved from the breaks style he is famous for into a more eclectic four four style which definitely had the crowd grinning as tight mixing and potent bass lines were on the menu for the up front warm up set. The slow tough electro style of Mangan was a good ingredient in the atmosphere of the night as a warm up set should be with a good dynamic. It was obvious to see that Dan is very at home with his new image on the decks.

The club filled gradually as the night went on and when Poxy Music joined the stage the crowd were ready for some nice deep grinding house and they got what they wanted from the start. Poxy Music have a great reputation for rocking the crowds and sharing the energy with the dance floor in what they do. This was the same as they moved through down and dirty house music and finished with some nice and heavy breaks. The set really satisfied the crowd and their characteristic punching bass lines were not lost on the two hundred strong crew on the dance floor finishing with the Stanton Warriors remix of the Rocker by Alter Ego was great.

As Tahl took up the decks the crowd was still strong and partied well into the night as Quality Control landed with a bang. Be sure to check it out next month with a new venue to be announced every month in the street presses. A great opportunity to catch some of the local talent, doing it for themselves.