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Slinky Feat Mauro Picotto, Marco V, Benjamin Bates And Dave Lea - 19.11.2005

Author: Alex Cooke
Tuesday, November 22, 2005
Well the people at Slinky have done it again! What a fantastic night and with a line up featuring Ben Bates, Marco V and Mauro Picotto it was assured to be a hit even before the DJs started spinning. The venue (Club QBH, Melbourne) was decorated in the red Slinky theme with two massive blow-up Slinky logos hanging from the roof as well as lasers to make the crowd go wild.

Having previously mainly listened to vocal and uplifting/euphoric trance the likes of Gabriel & Dresden and Above & Beyond, I wasn't completely sure what to expect. What I ended up had hearing particularly, Mauro Picotto, really opened up my eyes and ears to the tech-trance style I had been missing out on.

The night began with opener Scott Alert spinning in the main room and his set didn't really appeal to me. The dance floor only had one or two people on it until about 15 minutes before his set was due to end.
Benjamin Bates played a terrific set involving tech-trance with elements of electro in it, even though many people swore to me that Ben Bates normally played house sets. Bates was one of those DJ's that I really wasn't expecting much from, although I was pleasantly surprised at what he spun. His set started with Blaze's Dance to my Beat.

After Bates played, Marco V was up. In my opinion Marco V absolutely rocked Club QBH with an awesome tech-trance set. He played the best set of the night by far and most of the crowd would agree with me that he is one of the best tech-trance DJ's around today. Marco V opened with a Vangelis War of the World's remix which sent the crowd absolutely crazy.

Marco V's set included a number of tracks off his latest album '200V'. His set really picked up the pace and the crowds attention when he dropped E-Craig vs. Ratty's Call It a Sunrise. With the crowd at full attention he dropped Hisjam's Sweet Dreams and everybody sung along to this classic tune. He left his most known track, Godd as the finale to such an amazing journey.

Mauro Picotto followed, and boy did he start with a bang...literally. It's always great to see the DJ interacting with the crowd because at the end of the day it's the fans that go to see/support them. Picotto displayed some amazing antics behind the decks and you could really see that he likes what he does. An hour into his set he started to drop his tracks one after another starting with Verdi before continuing with Back to Cali and New Time New Place also made an appearance. But how can you not forget Pulsar as an encore track. As his name rang out in the speakers he did a final waves and was gone, as quickly as he started.