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Belfast - 25.8.2006

Author: Westy
Thursday, August 31, 2006
Time and Time again I tell myself that I should go out and see what the Melbourne scene has to offer me musically. Call my jaded if you will, but I always seem to end up sitting around with old friends, drinking and talking about all the great times we used to have. The old Shed 14 Hardware parties have so many good memories attached to them. The people we met, the spectacle of the show and of course the amazing music that provides nothing but fond memories. Now with Belfast in our sites we tossed our walking sticks aside and for the next 8 hrs would join our fellow misfits in a party like no other.

Once we arrived at the recently revived Metro there was already a line of eager partygoers anxious to get in. They now have a speaker system outside and while waiting in line I caught the end of Sean Quinn's set and two of my favourite tunes, Expander(Sasha) and Dreams(Quench). I couldn't wait any longer and abandoned my poor friends for the quick entry and a pole position on the dance floor. Right as I arrived HoneySmack and Josh Abrahms took to the stage. In moments they dragged us (the unsuspecting crowd) through a barrage of tough disco techno. Yes we were "In the Metro", we were "Listening to techno" , the crowd was loving it. For an hour they pronounced us married to thrashing percussion and a bellowing 303 (A threesome I'm definitely proud of). Then it was time for Richie Rich to make his appearance.

I hadn't heard a Richie set in a long while and judging by the Universe parties at Kryal Castle. I was about to pop with excitement. Richie delivered a mind blowing set, really showing it doesn't matter what you play its how you play it. From retro tunes like The Only Way is Up by Yaz to Leftfield's Open Up, the first hour set the stage for the darker elements. After 2 hrs the crowd was in a state of Trance, forgetting about the world outside and the people next to them. The ridiculously huge lazer they had in the venue really lent a hand in that matter.

I didn't remove myself for 3 hrs and before I could have any say in the matter it was over. But not before a huge acknowledgement from the crowd of stunned punters. Simon Coyle rose above and beyond, increasing the tempo and drive that extra notch. Richie leaves hard shoes to fill but he did it with ease. This really was when the music hit peak time and the crowd left knew it.

After much a fuss I ventured upstairs where the word for it was "Kickn!" Brewster B was on board and stearing a ship full of killer tracks into a party friendly crowd. I met up with my friends who screamed at me for missing an equally smashing Acid Techno set that had a line-up of jaws dropping and fists pounding. If that isn't the way it should be then shoot me.

An awesome night it was, thankyou guys for putting such an event on. I hope my taste in music never goes out of style. There really is nothing better than too many good sets at a party. You and a friend both cathing what you deem to bed the "best set of the night", even if you were in different rooms! You can argue about it for hours!

P.S. I caught the best set of the night ; )