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Datarock - 8.12.2006 (Home Nightclub)

Author: Maslen @ Tranzfusion
Tuesday, December 12, 2006
Hailing from Bergen in Norway, Datarock are the new kids on the block, serving up a delicious mix of processed beats and boshing guitar. Datarock have many members, but Fredrik Saroea (vocals, guitars, drums and keyboards) and Ketil Mosnes (bass, programming, keyboards and backing vocals) provide all the material, and are all things Datarock.

Already receiving critical acclaim in Europe and now causing utter havoc on Australian airwaves with rocky, anthemic electro-pop such as their own synthy disco-soul version of Grease's Summer Lovin, Computer Camp Love and FA FA FA - some may say they have started their own genre.

Friday night @ Home was pretty busy, I rocked up about 9pm. Plenty of fully sick guys with their glow sticks warming up for Sublime starting at 11. The crowd wasn't really into Datarock, and were more interested in mingling with each other. The venue was seriously croweded, making it difficult to walk around on the ground floor. The upstairs section was sealed off for a private function, not very smart for a friday night.

The performers took the stage 30 minutes late at around 10:30 to a massive ovation from absoultely everyone in the nightclub. They acknologed the fans by waving and starting playing. Performing 6 tracks including Bulldozer, I Used To Dance With My Daddy, Princess and Sex Me Up. The crowd were totally into the music hard out with some great head boppersand a smattering of dancers really going for it. Overall i would have to rate the night about a 7