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Earthcore & Sunny Present Honto Winter Edition - 1.7.2006

Author: Paula Salini
Thursday, July 6, 2006
Every good psy trance enthusiast knows that the psy beats and psy stomping were created for the outdoor stage, that being a field of dust hours from civilisation, toilets or running water. But it's just so damn good when our buddies at Sunny and Earthcore take Rantzi, Dr B, Suntribe, Spiz and, of course, Safi Connection, put them in the middle of Melbourne City at one of our favourite venues in Brown Alley and rock out a damn good psy party with real flushing toilets, couches, and a floor that doesn't evaporate into our noses, with the jungle canopy over the dance floor being stylish token of the origins of the beats.

Safi Connection blew the shoes off the dance floor with his live set, creating psy beats and melodies perfect for an indoor party. The most memorable feature of the night definitely had to be the constant builds and slamming breakdowns which would just continue to crash harder than the last. Hearing a psy-version of Guns 'n' Roses' Sweet Child of Mine was a bit of a novelty as well.

Honto winter edition was the absolute perfect remedy to the height of another crappy Melbourne winter, in the midst of the dance floor at 6am it was easy to forget that just outside were the wet, icy streets of Melbourne, the morning mist freezing the nipples of the King Street dregs yelling drunkenly for strippers and taxis.