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'Jase Connection' Album Launch at Revolver

Author: Erica Dobson
Monday, June 12, 2006
You know you're in for a good night when you find so many Melbourne hip-hop talents in the one place. Obese Records put on one massive party on Friday night at Revolver for the launch of Jase's new album, 'The JASE Connection pt1'. From the moment I walked in, the energy in the room was at a high level.

Revolver has been host to some great hip-hop acts over the years, and Friday night was no exception. Jase's new album showcases some of Australia's hip-hop talents, and we were lucky enough to have 10 of the album's featured artists perform on Friday.

While the room wasn't quite as packed as I had expected, it soon filled up once the guys got started. The Rigorous Recordings Crew kicked it off, getting the crowd pumping with their amazing energy and enthusiasm on stage. I was impressed with these guys - they had some awesome beats happening, as well as some slick rhymes from Clarks, and ADD.

Next up was Reason, who was a highlight of the night for me. I love the new EP 'Life's A Lesson' - it was great to see the song performed live, as he is an awesome MC. He kept the crowd going at different times during the night and joined in with a number of other MCs. His presence on the stage was definitely more memorable than Jase's, who seemed to take a real back seat in comparison to the MCs.

Other appearances included Nadav from Still Thinking, Joyce and Daniel Merriweather with Phrase. They all kept it rocking and it was awesome to see a female MC get up amid all the men and do her thing.

Overall, I found that the MCing really overshadowed all the mixing throughout the night and it was hard to listen to the different beats, while anyone was rhyming, because the mic's were turned up so loud. The breaks between the different artists also seemed to drag the night out just a bit, and I wasn't really sure what was going on at some points in the night.

Aside from that, I thought the gig was great fun. There were some great performances from Melbourne's finest, in a really intimate setting. I would have loved to hear a bit more from Jase himself, but it was an awesome night out overall - a great showcase of what Melbourne has to offer on the Aussie hip-hop scene.