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Jazzy Jeff, Mc Mad Skillz & Guests At Fractured - 19.7.2006

Author: kangarooezz @ Tranzfusion
Sunday, July 23, 2006
'Jazzy Jeff' Townes has been around for over two decades producing and mixing music, and his show with MC Mad Skillz at Brown Alley was a much anticipated one. The night was jam-packed with talent - the support alone made the night worth coming out for - but the opportunity to see an old school DJ play was not to be missed.

Mugen and D-Fro were the first DJ/MC duo up for the night, playing their set as the crowd began to mill in. The popular spots along the balcony were quick to fill. They got people dancing, as Mugen demonstrated his mixing skills by playing Men At Work's Land Downunder with a nice beat, managing to turn the Aussie beer-drinking favourite into some decent Hip-Hop! Mugen closed the set with a few crowd pleasers - ODB's Got your money and De La Soul's Ring Ring Ring - very enjoyable.

1200 Techniques' front man N'Fa took to the stage and kicked it off with Dirty Dub Up, getting the crowd moving with the beat. The vibe in the room definitely picked up through their whole set, and it became increasingly packed on the lower level, with people gearing up for the main event. The set finished on a high note, with N'Fa playing the title track to his new album, Cause an Effect. It was a great live performance.

Kuya's set was something a bit different, but I really got into the fat bass and the unusual songs he mixed, like the old Western movie theme he used to open his set. Midway through his set it seemed like people were getting restless, wondering how long it would be until Jazzy Jeff graced the stage. Kuya kept at it, however, and his beats revved the crowd back up with Missy Elliot's Get your freak on.

The magnificent Jazzy Jeff and Mad Skillz finally came on to a packed crowd; Jazzy Jeff working the decks while Skillz worked the crowd. He started by showcasing his mixing prowess by mixing Notorious B.I.G.'s Fucking you Tonight with One More Chance. The first half of his set was dedicated to the East Coast and Jazzy Jeff paid homage to Notorious B.I.G., pleasing the crowd with many other old favourites. He even managed to throw some Ray Charles into the mix.

Although he didn't really interact with the crowd, he kept the energy level at a high with the tunes, while MC Mad Skillz had everyone pumped up.

Jazzy Jeff gave the crowd a lesson on the history of Hip-Hop, mixing classic tunes with funky beats. From New York Hip-Hop scene to the West Coast, his mixing was flawless.

It was a magnificent set - Jazzy Jeff truly lived up to his name.