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Summafieldayze 06 - 7.1.2006

Author: &ru @ Tranzfusion
Monday, January 9, 2006
Neither rain nor wind nor sleet nor snow could stay the crowd from having a raging time at Summafieldayze 2006! Yes, the weather was not ideal with heavy downpours, gusty winds and, well, no snow which was a plus but fortunately the music more than made up for Mother Nature's shortcomings. What a day!

This year Future Entertainment once again brought some of the world's biggest DJs to the shores of Queensland's Gold Coast. The event's reputation has grown over recent years and this year each of the three tents seemed to be bursting at the seams. Even more party people than 2005 came (check the photos in the Events->Gallery section) to welcome in the new year and get down to some serious dancing. As with all great festivals, the crowd can make or break the event. It was great to see such a good vibe all around Summafieldayze. The punters, the coppers, the vendors, the roadies and the DJs enjoyed every minute. Nothing but smiles on faces, hands up high and bodies shakin'.

This year the DJs seemed to have an especially good time. Each act I watched (and I saw most of them) the DJs were really getting into their music, engaging the crowd and celebrating along with the those dancing below them. Many DJs were taking photos for themselves (Benny Benassi looked to be making a feature length movie with his camera!) and I saw a few even catch cameras from fans to take close ups and shots from the decks. It's rare to see such involvement and really summed up the event - put simply, Summafieldayze 2006 was great fun for all!

The musical line-up was impressive with the likes of Carl Cox, Bob Sinclair, Roger Sanchez, Krafty Kuts and many others gracing the various stages. There were so many acts in fact it was hard to pick who to watch with many people picking a tent and sticking with it for a few hours at a time. This was also a good tactic for avoiding the rain which threatened throughout the afternoon and really let fly once the sun had set.

But the elements couldn't keep the crowd from enjoying some excellent music from the star studded line-up. The day started off with local acts such as Nearhos & Cosmo on the Family stage with their techie main floor mix-up and the big name local Kid Kenobi (and MC Shureshock) keeping the breaks fans happy (even with the odd technical hiccup) on the larger Fuzzy stage. The first international was fairly early in the day; Benny Benassi got the crowd rockin' with plenty of looped up chunky house and big crowd pleasers like Coldplay's "Fix You" and his classic "Satisfaction". The Stafford Brothers then showed why Aussie crowds love them with an energetic display and the launch of their new remix "More Than A Feeling" that got the whole tent singing along.

With the sun down, the headliners made bee lines for their respective stages. Tiefschwarz started off in their typical German fashion with dark electro and interesting use of acapellas including an evil sounding version of Nancy Sinatra's "You Shot Me Down". Across on the Future stage Roger Sanchez performed to an overflowing tent. A huge man behind the decks in both stature and appearance (has he buffed up-) his technical wizardry was ever-present with three CDJs on the go for most of his set. He dropped bombs left, right and centre and kept the crowd grooving! Over in the other large tent, Krafty Kuts and TC Izlam gave the crowd plenty to smile about mixing party hip-hop, breaks and thumping house superbly - Krafty even gave the crowd a listen to some new tracks and with TC Izlam present to do the rhymes for real, the pair were a definite highlight. Following on from Krafty Kuts was the French king of disco, Bob Sinclair. From his opening track (Martin Solveig's "Jealousy") he set the tone; a definite "let's have some summer fun". The final international was none other than Carl Cox! His set rocked in his typical fashion with tunes ranging from techno to house to trance but all with a common theme: they were all great for dancing!