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The Fracture Factory Feat DJ Marky & Mc Stamina - 28.12.2006

Author: Maslen @ Tranzfusion
Wednesday, January 10, 2007
Brazil 's greatest DJ export delivers his drum and bass gold dust through Home Sydney's monster JBL sound-system. Experience the many flavours of drum and bass, from minimal to soulful, from dark to jump up… seeped in rolling Brazilian vibe.

DJ Marky is undoubtedly one of the most exciting DJs to emerge in the drum & bass world in the last few years. Breaking through to the world with his album "The Brazilian Job", there has been no stopping him since! With his phenomenal technical skills and Brazilian flair, enthusiasm and dedication, he has impressed clubbers and music industry alike. As V recordings label boss Bryan Gee said of his discovery, "DJ Marky is one of the biggest talents I've seen for years!"

MC Stamina has gone from strength to strength since connecting with the Movement crew and working as an MC to the Brazilians, DJ Marky and DJ Patife, on their frequent tours around Europe. Stamina MC created lyrics that moulded perfectly to instrumental Drum & Bass/Jungle and createdsomething new, taking the music in a new direction.

This vocal remixing came to a head in mid-2001 when Stamina added his vocals to a tune that the Brazilian boys had been playing for a few months. The tune was "LK" and the crowd in Newcastle around this time kept asking Marky to play a the tune called "It's The Way" (one of the main lyrics from Stamina's version). Marky was thinking it was DJ Tactix from the early 90s, not for one minute thinking it was "LK" with Stamina singing over the top, which had been performed the last time Stamina and Patife played Newcastle! The tune hadn't even been recorded yet! And thus legends are made…

Ok you had the background on this event now i have no idea where i can start this was an absolutly CRAZY event, it reminded me of the Detroit Rap Concert where everyones hand and head is bopping in sync, that pretty much describes this event with the HUGE home sound system it sounded great this has prob got to be the best event i have been to this