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Field Day 2007 - 1.1.2007

Author: Nathan L @ Tranzfusion
Monday, January 8, 2007
Sapped and wearied, hungover, dehydrated and starved, my breath a compelling amalgam of rancid ashtray and winter-fresh, I awake to the chirping birds of a new year. Today is the day I have planned to begin putting my twenty-two resolutions into effect. For the most part they are modest, ranging from an intention to author the next Ron Howard directed popular culture phenomenon, to investing my newly acquired fortune in pursuit of my dream of media moguldom. All too difficult for someone still digesting twelve litres of Champagne to be bothered with. Luckily, past experience has taught me to plan for this contingency. Resolution Numero Uno - 'Get ridiculously sunburnt at Field Day, dance like an idiot.' Hauling myself out of the gutter at the insistence of the driver of the biggest street sweeper I have ever seen, I wipe the sleep from my eyes and begin heading in what I think might be the general direction of The Domain.

Lining up at the event I can't help but overhear the conversation of three barely-legals going into convulsions of excitement over what seems to be their first Field Day. With eighty-five decibels of discretion the brunette describes the exact size, weight, colour, texture and chemical composition of the pills they plan on ingesting. Such scenarios provide ample justification for Fuzzy's renewed emphasis on safety, with their ubiquitous 'You're a Mate, Not a Doctor' signs proving a real hit with dry bottoms on the damp grass. I had to laugh when our trio's conversation turned to how great is was going to be when Kaskade played 'Be Still', though it was a 'bit strange that he sings in such a girly voice'. Luckily, these girls will be voting at both state and federal level this year.

My first stop was at the food stalls, where I was able to purchase a much needed carton of oily noodles and 600ml Coke for the bargain price of $12. This booty was consumed on the shadiest patch of grass I could find in the glorious midday sun before a digestive lie-down to the gratifying tones of Grant Smillie's set. Then it was up-up and away to check out Tom Neville at the Killer Stage. The buzz junkie was certainly in full flight, provoking some very energetic saltations from his smaller but nonetheless totally pumped audience. Electro houseulicious.

Next stop, Crazy Penis, with frontwoman Danielle Moore giving exactly the type of spanking performance you'd hope for from a group sporting such an audacious name. (Fancy putting the word 'crazy' in your title - now that takes balls.) The Crazy Penis set was a super fun, high energy disco dance-fest for the true Field Day connoisseur. One of the few acts to perform live at field day, they were well worth braving the scalding sun for.

I didn't have to move anywhere for the next act on my itinerary, with Mylo immediately taking the stage to rapturous applause. Anyone who saw him play his 'Destroy Rock & Roll' set with a live band at Good Vibrations 2005 will have very, very fond memories of Mylo. Enough can't be said about this guy's work as an artist, producer and remixologist, so the crowd were expecting something big. What they got was exactly what the programme promised - a DJ set. A very good set yes, but a mere DJ set nonetheless. Mylo's tastes are famously retro and eclectic, and his set reflected this with electro, rave and funk grooves washing over a satisfied audience of fans whose biggest applause was saved for Mylo's own 'Drop the Pressure' and 'Otto's Journey'. To be honest, Mylo was fun but a tad disappointing - playing other people's music can't hold a candle to his own live show, which will hopefully be resurrected with the release of his next album.

Having danced for three hours straight and barely able to walk, my feet demanded respite, so I moseyed my way around to the Breaks stage to lie on the hill and check out Kid Kenobi spinning for MC Shureshock, who added a much needed dose of live impro to proceedings. By the time The Loose Cannons came on I