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Good Vibrations Festival 2007 - 10.2.2007

Author: Phil Watkins @ Tranzfusion
Thursday, February 15, 2007
Has a year gone by so quickly- It seems only yesterday that Good Vibrations treated us to one of James Brown's final gigs before his death and it seemed almost impossible to match the bill from last year but it was done. With the late introduction of the man himself Snoop Doggy Dog to warm up for the Beastie Boys not to mention Jurassic 5 bringing up the rear, it was impossible to say no to the line up for Good Vibrations 2007.

The day started with the announcement of Sold Out after eager punters without tickets lined up early to get in and after that you know you are in for a big day! The Nightmares on Wax sound system opened the day with an excellent display of turntable skills together with rhyme and vocal, warming up well for the likes of Rahzel who most certainly is the Godfather of Beat Box. There was one problem though. Those two thousand people who all wanted to see Rahzel found out that there only room for half that amount but tried to get in anyway! I hope that small girl got out ok! -

After the crush of the Rahzel show, everyone descended on the main stage to enjoy the set from local boys Cut Copy who really lifted the vibe in the area with their new track released last week 'Hearts of Fire', not to mention their smash 'Future', one that sounds even better when performed live.

It was to the Laundry stage for the late afternoon as Desyn Masiello smashed it up warming up real nice for Cassius who were due to come on a bit later. The VIP area was the place to be though for one of the acts of the day in Jurassic 5. It's refreshing to see a hip hop outfit who aren't trying to be someone they're not. Jurassic 5 certainly fit the bill, as their honesty and positive vibe meant a great set together with an amazing solo from DJ Numark and the boys making their own beat on stage live with their own individual sampler, it was just smiles all round.

In the back of all 25,000 people's heads was one man and when Snoop Dog came on stage I have never seen such a roar from a crowd. I remember remarking to a friend that it was either going to be really good or really bad and boy was it good! Going from new to old and all that was in between Snoop showed why he is probably one of the last of the original rappers. He definitely set the day ablaze as the Beastie Boys finished the night as best they could but had a pretty hard time deviating from their DVD 'Awesome I shot this', although Mix Master Mike is still without doubt one of the number one turntablists in the world and that my friend will never change!

Thank you to Jam entertainment for their stella line up, let's see what they will come up with next year as this year they definitely proved that real hip hop will never die.