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Roger Sanchez @ TBA - 28.1.2007

Author: leana_kate @ Tranzfusion
Friday, February 2, 2007

Roger Sanchez – 27 January 2007 

Roger Sanchez played his only Perth show at Club Capitol.  He is promoting his new album Come With Me.  I was quite surprised at the emptiness of the club when we first arrived.  Punters that turned up at 9:00 missed a good performance from Darren Briais.  Briais started with ambient groove and progressed into a funky break beat.  The familiar beats of Claude Von Stroke's The Whistler pumped up the jam.   Adam Kelly jumped on and stepped it up a notch and was well received.  The dance floor started burning. Michael Jackson’s Jam was played with a good reception.  Too fast and too much treble are his weaknesses.  Slow synthetic break beat sounds gave the crowd an easier flow to dance too.  This worked to Kelly’s advantage as this is what the crowd wanted.  He gave an impressive lead into the main event for the night.

 Roger Sanchez burst in with a fat beat of a tune.  He immediately impressed the crowd.  “The Sanchez Feeling” was running high as he opened his set.  The rhythm controlled the crowd.  Sanchez mixed in Red Hot Chilli Peppers’ By The Way, bringing the crowd out of the sound of electronica.  The highlight of Sanchez’s set was Evermore’s Ride on.  He played many old school tracks that brought the older ravers back to the old days.  The dance floor was filled but still with room to move.  The visual display was impressive.  Some mixes were a little long and the crowd were unable to flow in.  To have the crowd eating out of his palm, Sanchez needed to work harder.  Some good technical mixes but a failure to back them up with solid tracks leaves something to be desired. After 3 hours of his set, Sanchez cut it short.  The crowd was diminishing and as it was the Sunday night after the Australia Day long-weekend I think it was for the better.  The Sanchez career has been going for 3 decades so he himself may have been tired.  It was a hot humid night and being the last night of the Australia Day long weekend the punters still managed to give Sanchez the reception he deserved.