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White Tour - Armin Van Buuren - Perth - 8.6.2007

Author: Brett Dias
Tuesday, June 12, 2007
Armin's white hot party

Last weekend, Northbridge's Metropolis Concert Club played host to Armin Van Buuren's White Party.

Two thousand people turned up to watch Van Buuren take over the venue and they were not disappointed. From the start of the set, he proved why he is listed through international public votes as one of the best DJs in the world.

Mark James did well warming the crowd before Van Buuren. They were unanimously pleased when he flawlessly mixed in Delirium's Silence into his set. The atmosphere by this point was positively buzzing and James was the perfect DJ to welcome Van Buuren to the frenzied audience.

Starting on time, Van Buuren took the stage by storm and was greeted enthusiastically by Perth's party set - it looked like everyone read their invitation, as the club was wall to wall with everyone dressed in white.

Above the roar of the crowd, Van Buuren did what he does best - mixed an eclectic dose of deep electro infused beats. The set started fast and heavy, but broke in points to experimental deep house and, of course, trance.

Strobe lights flashed through the crowds, angels and astronauts floated across massive screens and energetic ballerina girls flanked Van Buuren and kept the atmosphere surreal.

Natural scenes swept through the main stage, screening mountains and snow. The crowds peaked as Van Buuren mixed in favourites including Wamdue Project's King of my Castle and finishing with Barber's Adagio for Strings. His set list was suitably detailed for the five hours, which also included Sunlounger, the Prodigy and OceanLab.

Each track was seamlessly mixed with the next and Van Buuren's relaxed attitude shone, looking pleased as he entertained a packed house. From an international perspective, his Perth show must be one of his smaller ones, but the vibe would have been as high as any of the larger venues he's included in his tour. From a motion of his hands, he was able to communicate with the audience and they responded by cheering loudly and dancing in unison. The fact that Dutch-born Van Buuren included Perth in his international schedule says a great deal about the growing trance scene in Perth - the huge crowd was an incredible coup for Metropolis, the perfect venue for the night.

The audience was as eclectic as the music itself. In the spirit of the White Party, everyone was energetic and individual style ranged from electro punk to electro pimp, phat pants, short skirts, glow sticks and Mohawks - all, of course, in white.

Expectations were suitably high for Van Buuren's return to Perth and from all accounts it was a hit. Behind the scenes, Mellen Events and Future Entertainment must be pretty happy with the new feather in their caps.

What can I say- They know how to through a party.