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Stylin' 920

Author: Alyx Gorman
Friday, 8 August 2008


Thanks to the weather we’ve been shivering in our beds all week. That was, until we discovered Bojahn’s range of dreamy sleepwear. Locally owned and Australian manufactured Bojahn make sleek jammies inspired by places much colder than Sydney. Focusing on comfort, Bojahn use mainly natural fibers for a soft night’s sleep. Right now we’re in love with the Moscow set which, with its contrast fabrics and harem style pants, is more sci-fi than snoozy town.  The only downside of feeling snuggly under the sheets is how hard it’s become to get out of bed – we’re so warm we’re tempted to wear our pajamas outside. For more visit:

Dunlop Volleys are helping to kick prostate cancer in the balls with a new, limited edition Volley. Some proceeds from the sale of this new shoe – which can be purchased from Kmart stores nationwide - will be going to the Prostate Cancer Foundation Australia. The Volleys feature blue trim detailing and have a blue ribbon embellishment on the tongue. 18,700 men in Australia are diagnosed with prostate cancer each year, and 3000 men die from the disease yearly. We can’t think of a better excuse for a new pair of shoes.

In other shoe news, Puma are becoming equal opportunity sneaker manufacturers with the launch of a special ladies range of Hi-Tops. As part of their ‘from the archives’ program Puma have dived back into their vaults and pulled out some shoes that have been girlied-up with gusto. Decked out in colours men’s shoes fear to tread like aqua, pink and sunflower yellow, these shoes are Rainbow Brite on the outside and because of their furry lining, they’ll keep your tootsies toasty. While they’re great for adding pop to a dull winter outfit now, these shoes will really come into their own in summer; we recommend teaming them with broderie anglaise hot pants and a heart shaped lollypop for Lolita appeal.

In what may be the most exotic fashion moment of the year, a man in Ranchi, India has been arrested for using snakes in his fashion show. Shabir Hussain draped several snakes including cobras around the necks of models, and had them wear the reptiles like scaly accessories. Snake charmers – all of whom work at a local temple - had brought in the snakes. The charmers subsequently claimed the snakes had been misused in the show, and that they had only intended to display the snakes themselves. According to the Local Animal Protection Act from the seventies, the public display of cobras is illegal. It was this that lead to Hussain’s arrest. In a statement Hussain defended himself, arguing that he had been inspired to use snakes by Bollywood. “No untoward incident took place,” he told the local press.


Belinda Fairbank’s Children Of The Sun label creates accessible, affordable feminine beachwear. Her clothes have a heavy seventies bent to them, and wouldn’t look out of place twirling knee-deep in the ocean or sprawled lazily across a summer picnic blanket. Featuring little-girl details on big girl cuts, these clothes are the embodiment of summer afternoons. To give ourselves some much-needed sunshine, we caught up with Belinda to ask about CoS, the beach and what happens next.
Tell us about your up-coming collection…  
Summer for Children Of The Sun is dreamy and flirtatious. A lot softer this time, the girly range in soft pastel gelati shades and intricate border prints fits perfectly into a look and feel that is boho chic, sexy and for the stress-free, daisy-chain-wearing hippy in us all.

How does where you live influence your design-  
A lot… I live by the beach with my kids, so this keeps me pretty grounded. When designing I’m always thinking about comfort and wearability because in the end you never end up wearing pieces you don’t feel good in.

Describe your label’s aesthetic-
Beachy. Easy to wear. Carefree.

What would you be doing if you weren’t a fashion designer-

Who is the most stylish person that ever lived-
Stephanie Zinone from Grease 2.

What do you think the next big trend will be-
Sliced bread… ha!

If you could dress anyone in the world, dead or alive who would it be and why-
Jim Morrison, because his look was effortless.

What music have you been listening to lately-
Dire Straits, Bruce Springsteen, Richard Marx and always Stevie Nicks.

How does it feel to see people in clothes you’ve designed-
It’s always exciting, especially when it’s a total stranger.

If you could change one thing about fashion what would it be, and why-
That people take it too seriously.

What is the strangest thing that has ever happened to you-
Where to start…

Where do you see yourself in five years time-
Taking it pretty easy and spending more time with my kids.

What: Double Feature – The Exorcist (1973) and The Devils (1971)
Where: Chauvel Cinema, Corner of Oxford St and Oatley Rd, Paddington
When: Sunday 10 August from 4pm
More: Tickets $11

What: Rosemount Sydney Fashion Festival
Where: All over Sydney city
When: Kicks off Wednesday 13 August

What: 888 Exhibition
Where: China Heights Gallery, 257 Crown St, Surry Hills
When: Friday 8 August from 6pm


There were so many amazing parties on last Wednesday that it would have taken a Harry Potter-style time turner (and an incredibly high tolerance to alcohol) to visit them all. Fortunately we made it to a few good ones. We kicked off our evening at Zoe Mou and Daniel Avakian’s ‘A Night In The Secret Garden’. The fringe bar had been transformed into a charming grotto, with springy astroturf, fresh blooms and bubbling champagne. We fell in love with the fashion show, which featured beautiful chest pieces from Zoe Mou and some of Daniel Avakian’s creative, bespoke eveningwear. Then as we (reluctantly) headed on our way, we were delighted to discover that our party bags had been stuffed with chocolate and lovely, organic goodies.
Our next stop was American Apparel’s launch party at the Cricketers Arms. The first thing we noticed when we stepped up to the thrumming top level of the Cricketers was how many attractive, heterosexual men there were. Honestly, they outnumbered everyone else three to one. It was actually very difficult to notice anything else all night. We did observe a lot of cute AA basics dolled up and dressed down by both the new team of sales assistants and all of the label’s die-hard fans (so pretty much all of Surry Hills). The American Apparel Sydney shop has been a very long time coming. We’ve been getting jitters every time we walked past its slowly evolving Oxford St location, and now it’s finally here, we doubt we’ll shop anywhere else.