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Author: Alyx Gorman/Ingrid Kesa/Imogen Smyth-Prado
Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Nothing says punk rock like Titanic and romcoms with Jude Law and Jack Black. At least that's what the casting directors of a new Vivienne Westwood biopic seem to think. They've chosen curvy ranga-rose Kate Winslet to play the grand old dame of English fashion. The documentary will show the avant-garde designer's rise to fame in the 1970s, from English house girl to Martin McLaughlin's lover and Sex Pistols costumer. The film will offer sex, drugs and rock n roll all wrapped up in the fashion that defined a decade. The doco is set to come out in 2009.

You may have to re-think wearing your tightest pair of denims next holiday - at least if you're visiting the semiautonomous state of Sudan.  Recently, 35 Sudanese women wearing hip hugging trousers were arrested for 'disturbing the peace'. Be glad you live somewhere where the only perils of showing off your lady lumps are wedgies, camel toes and the occasional numbed lower lips. The women were piled into a paddy wagon on Sunday night and spent the evening in a locker before being released without charge the next day. So next time you're sucking your gut in, trying to squeeze into those extra tight threads, think about the women without.

We always knew the U-Turn was a little bit fruity. Hip hop artist Usher claims 'comfort and intimacy' are the most important aspects of his upcoming lingerie line for ladies and gents. So what can we expect from Usher's range- Maybe knickers with butt pads adding a little extra curve for that superior ghetto ho look! They could come in a whole range of sizes from small apple arse; meaty medium up to a bootilicious J Lo jelly. Or perhaps a solid gold negligee with diamond studded stay ups- Tres sexy, tres bling. Well anything's possible when an RNB artist shifts his focus to putting panties back on babes. We nominate buminatrix Kim Kardashian for the face of the line.

After lackluster on-sight attendance in Melbourne and Sydney, Rosemount Australian Fashion Week's trans-seasonal showings have shifted a gear. Rather than erect tents, provide venues and do all the hard work, IMG are putting the Fashion Week name to a series of decentralised shows. For a modest $500 fee, designers will be privy to RAFW's extensive contact lists, while remaining free to put on their shows their way. This means no sponsor restrictions, and the chance to show anywhere in town. RAFW will kick off this week.

Compiled by: Imogen Smyth-Prado and Alyx Gorman

Think of the coolest looking student you know. She probably channels a bit of Chloe Sevigny without loosing her Bondi - right- Well, unless her surname is on the BRW200, there's a very good chance she has a closet full of MINKPINK. MINKPINK make affordable, accessible pieces that are on trend, in style and uncompromisingly cute. Their S/S09 collection is no exception, and we've made it our default festival uniform. We caught up with MINKPINK designer Jodie McKenzie to find out what's what with the little label that could.

Tell us a bit about MINKPINK-
Launched in 2005, MINKPINK is an Australian ladies' fashion label that aims to create fun, fashionable, affordable and well, just plain fabulous garments!

How hard is it to produce good designs while keeping price points low-
To be honest, I don't think it's that hard at all. While some fabrics and construction techniques are outside of our price points, I find we can still create a wide variety of garments with an element of fun and difference, while making sure the end product is affordable.

To me, good design isn't about price, it's about value. The challenge for a mid-range label like MINKPINK is being able to balance the creative and the commercial, the value and the price tag.

What direction are you going for this season-
MINKPINK's Spring/Summer 08/09 has a '70s festival rock revival vibe with Western overtones.  Expect to see body-con silhouettes and bust cup detailing; bleached and distressed denims; fringing and studs, liberty florals, tie dye and ethnic prints, as well as crochet and suede.

Do you ever see people walking down the street wearing your designs-
Yes, and I still get a kick out of it. For me the best part is seeing how they're wearing the garment - what they've styled it with and how they've accessorised it. I can see the same dress on three different girls and each of them is giving it their own look - I love that!

How would you describe a MINKPINK girl-
She's the girl who loves fashion and has a keen interest in high-end labels, but doesn't have the dollars to have a wardrobe full of designer garments. She knows the trends, but would rather look 'good' than be 'in.' She's into celebrity looks and vintage influences, she has her own personal style but she definitely doesn't take it too seriously-
What's the best thing to do in a MINKPINK frock-
The great thing about MINKPINK being affordable is that after you've bought the dress you still have some money left over for socialising - The best thing you could do would be style yourself up, go out and be seen in it!

If you could change one thing about the fashion industry, what would it be and why-
Sometimes I think it can take itself too seriously. There are certain aspects of the fashion industry that are a bit too pretentious and elitist for my taste. For me, fashion is about creating, buying and wearing beautiful garments that you love and that make you look and feel good - regardless of how much they cost or what the label sewn inside says.

What are your best tips for looking cool in summer-

Stay true to your own style and keep it simple. When the weather is warm the last thing you want to be is high maintenance. I like laid back, casual outfits that look just as good with a pair of thongs or sandals in the day as they do with ankle boots or platform heels at night. And ALWAYS accessorise - a long chain, a few random bangles, a printed scarf and a fedora are all effortless but essential finishing touches.

Where will MINKPINK be in five years time-
Seeing that we work season to season, five years seems so far ahead! I guess we'll just keep on keeping on, hopefully expanding and evolving with our existing customers and attracting new ones. From a design point of view I'd like to diversify and experiment a little more, push a few more commercial boundaries, but ultimately MINKPINK will stay to true to its ethos - a fun, fashionable, and affordable label that doesn't take itself too seriously.

Here at Stylin', we've got a new website for you to add to your favourites. It's a helpful little memo where function meets fashion. Adorable mixed medium illustrations accompany quirky blogs from our fictional friend Michi, who gives us free daily Sydney weather forecasts and a heads-up on what to wear the next day - rain, hail or shine. A Melbourne girl, born and raised Michi has finally decided to expand her horizons to sunnier cities.
Formulated by friends Chloe Quigley and Daniel Pollock, and its afternoon newsletter are intended to act as a 30 second break from the monotony of 9 to 5 existence by transporting us to a world where tailoring outfits to the weather is more important than work. Bringing us the best in local and international online shopping, Michi Girl is a little ray of sunshine, even in the rainiest weather. If you prefer your art in physical form rather than purely pixelated, the first Michi Girl book Like I Give A Frock came out on 29 September. So pick up a copy, subscribe to the mailing list and learn how to weather the storm.

Ingrid Kesa

What: Centre of Arrest
When: 8pm Friday 17 October
Where: 58 Oxford St, Darlinghurst

What: Rosemount Australian Fashion Week, AW09 Showings
When: 13-19 October
Where: Throughout Sydney

What: AART.BOXX 2008
When: From Friday 17 October
Where: Tin Sheds Gallery, 148 City Road, Darlington