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Author: Alyx Gorman
Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Airlines should start seriously considering charging extra for high-flying fashionistas, given the trouble they cause. Following in Naomi Campbell’s footsteps, Mathias Guerrand-Hermès, the air to the Hermès fashion house, has been arrested by the FBI after an on-fight altercation that lead to him grabbing the crotch of an Air France pilot whilst screaming, “I am not going to behave myself!” The fight started after an intoxicated Guerrand-Hermès sat on the arm of a female passenger’s seat. The passenger alerted her husband, who told Guerrand-Hermès to go away. It was at this point Guerrand-Hermès became violent, attacking the woman. When the pilot of the Paris to New York flight intervened Guerrand-Hermès started throwing punches. Guerrand-Hermès is set to inherit a majority stake in the Hermès brand when his father, 76, passes on.

Perhaps Americans are more easily influenced than other people- Or maybe it’s that right-wingers never have clever slogan shirts. Either way, there’s been a push in the United States to ban political buttons, shirts, hats and bags from the polling booths come 4 November. The ban is supposed to create a fair and balanced voting environment but many are pointing out that it could just as easily be used as a method of keeping certain groups (read: lefties) from voting. In the US, handing out flyers is illegal within 40 feet of a polling place. The law is supposed to stop electioneers from badgering voters; hardly the same thing as an innocuous partisan shirt or badge. The bill has already passed in four states, some of which are crucial for election wins. The offensiveness of a T-shirt will be left up to individual electoral officials, which commentators fear will turn citizens into “the fashion police.”

There are lots of things you can be angry at Madonna for – her superficial co-option of Jewish culture, her awful cover of American Pie, Swept Away, but her choice in high heels probably shouldn’t be one of them. Not so say easily enraged British gun control lobbyists, who are arguing the shoes she wore to the premier of her directorial debut Filth and Wisdom, promoted gun violence. The Chanel designed shoes are from the Cruise Collection and feature high heels shaped like miniature pistols – in other words, they look totally awesome. But apparently the witty use of a common cultural symbol is now considered offensive and insensitive – we hardly see how literally stepping on a gun glamorises owning one, but there you go. Criticism of the shoes has been scathing, with some groups labelling Madonna “a monster” and “disgusting”… we’d hate to see what they’d say if someone did something that was actually offensive.

Russia’s fashion industry is beginning to feel the credit crunch, with several analysts pointing out cracks in the country’s massive luxury goods market. The biggest risk will be to independent boutique owners and labels, whose clients have already lost millions on the stock market. Less likely to be affected are the empires like those of sixteen year-old Kira Plastinina. The mini-mogul and self-declared princess has over fifty stores across Russia and the US, all of which stock her Paris Hilton inspired designs. The stores are funded with daddy’s money. The recession seems likely to kill off Russia’s emerging talent, while Bratskis like Kira continue to flourish.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, but La Lupa seems to have triumphed overnight. Located in fashionable Five Dock, this trendy shop has been kicking arse and taking names ever since its doors opened a month ago. Named for the story of Romulus and Remus – the boys raised by wolves who went on to found Rome, La Lupa is sure to put you in touch with your inner lycanthropist. La Lupa stocks plenty of hip labels, at a range of price points, including Bahamonde, Neon Blonde Jeans (and you thought Neon Blonde was just a spazcore band, shame on you), Insight Swimwear, Recreation, Lot 11, Maurie and Eve Platnium, Mesop, Nookie, Religion, Buddhist Punk, Full Circle and the Australian label that has the world talking: Mogil.
If the range of brands wasn’t enough, La Lupa looks pretty too. We’re sold on the wall mural, a piece by Adelaide artist Benzo. It’s a powerfully feminine image of a she-wolf suckling two young boys – boys that go on to become the leaders of the free world (and you know, kill each other, but that’s beside the point).
La Lupa’s owner Hannah tells us: “La Lupa lovers are strong, independent, sassy women who take their love of fashion to a whole new level.”
Sound like you- Then head to 84 Ramsey Road in Five Dock.


We caught up with Le Specs designer Hamish Tame. 

Can you tell us about your forthcoming collection [Woodstock collection]-
Inspiration for our new high summer range came from the 1969 Woodstock music festival.  The collection incorporates a series of psychedelic effects and liquid tortoiseshell applications, reflecting the carefree coolness of the iconic event.
We have also just completed a limited edition collection which be sold exclusively at the 2009 Big Day Out festivals.

How much can you do with a pair of sunglasses – are their plenty of channels for differentiation-
The possibilities are virtually endless.  It’s surprising to see how much of a difference the slightest change can make to a pair or frames - just a couple of millimetres or a slight variance in colour can be the difference between a best-selling style and a terrible style.

Sunglasses at night – are they appropriate and why/why not-
Dark lenses at night are a definite no.  For those who are keen to wear frames at night we have a new style this summer called Mood Lens – the lenses are clear while inside and they darken to regular sunglasses when you go outside into the sun... they change colour with your indoor and outdoor mood.

Trends in eyewear tend to change less often than in other areas of fashion - why do you think that is- Are there any eyewear trends that need to die-

Eyewear trends are now evolving so much faster than in the past, mainly because of the desire to look and feel different from other people.  There are so many different trends occurring in the market at the moment, but it is definitely time for people to let go of the whole oversized bug-eye look.

Name three great works of art that could be improved with the addition of a pair of Le Specs:
Brett Whiteley’s Self Portrait in the Studio
Jean-Michel Basquiat’s Untitled Skull
Van Gogh’s Self Portrait

Sunnies on rockstars go together like butter on bread – who’s wearing your shades at the moment- Who would you like to see wearing them, and who needs to take them off-
I know Naomi Campbell picked up a couple of pairs of Le Specs last time she was in town, and some of the guys from Silverchair have been wearing them. But it’d be pretty to cool see Kings of Leon or The Presets sporting Le Specs shades. 

What sets Le Specs apart from other eyewear brands-
There are so many brands these days competing in the eyewear market.  With Le Specs we are continuously pushing the boundaries with new ideas and unique concepts to make sure our sunnies stand out from the crowd.  Also because they are priced from $29.95, it allows anyone to buy into the brand.

You’ve just inherited one billion dollars from a distantly related oil tycoon, what do you do-
I’d buy an island.  Actually I’d have one of those Dubai-style islands made for me, and invite all my friends to live there... you’d be invited too.

Best tip for choosing the perfect pair of sunglasses-

Make sure they fit you!  There are too many guys trying to squash their big heads into tiny sunnies, and girls being engulfed by ridiculously huge sunnies.  Go for styles that are wide enough to fit your head because they’ll look better and be more comfortable as well.
In terms of styles, a good pair of aviators will never date.

Anything you’d like to add-
Don’t be afraid to try wearing something different or new.


What: My Filthy Riot
When: Saturday 25 October from 1pm
Where: The Annandale, 17-19 Parramatta Rd, Annandale

What: Carousel Girls Sale
When: From Wednesday 22 to Sunday 26 October
Where: 10a Fitzroy Place (upstairs), Surry Hills