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Author: Alyx Gorman/Ingrid Kesa
Tuesday, November 18, 2008


There have been some disagreements here at Stylin’ lately. We’re fighting over fashion’s latest foray into current events – the Michelle Obama obsession. Ingrid loves her style, but personally, I don’t get it. I admit I was once impressed by her bright purple dress, but the more I think about it I realise, when thrown onto the red carpet, any of her outfits, even the good ones, would get given a thumbs down. Not that I’m a closet Republican or anything (although I must admit to being much more envious of Palin’s closet than I am of Obama’s), I just think it’s sort of strange that people are trying to force fashionista status on an incredibly intelligent Chicagoan lawyer who’s sense of style is average at best. Michelle is no Jackie O – for one thing she’s one of the few First Ladies to be a successful careerist in her own right. The Obama family are amazing, undeniably photogenic and I totally believe in their change, but between Barack’s bicycle blunder in pea-green and Michelle’s terrible posture, they just don’t come through with the fashion goods. Fashion already has a first lady, and Carla Bruni Sarkozy, in her Dior Couture concoctions, doesn’t look like she’s getting impeached anytime soon.  

Break out the party balloons because for once, in a world of ill-conceived fashion collaborations, the high street is getting it right. Comme Des Garcons capsule collection for H&M just launched, and we’re in love with nearly every piece. The collection has higher manufacturing standards than H&M’s usual fast fashion fare, and it shows. The collection of deconstructed jackets, ruffle sleave blouses, polka-dot shirts and drop crotch pants is classic CDG, all made in designer Rei Kawakubo’s signature shades of black, white and navy blue. Sadly Australian fans of the label, looking to snap up excellent design from a low price point (pieces start at $30), will have to try their luck with eBay. H&M is yet to open its doors south of Hong Kong.

Our livers aren’t sure whether to feel happy or sad this week. They’re happy because Sydney based juice company Found Organic – makers of drinkable beauty product/anti-aging in a bottle pomegranate juice – have just released seven new concoctions that are as healthy as they are tasty. They are sad because of all the vodka we added when we were trying the new drinks out.  New flavours include the obscenely healthy triple cocktail of pomegranate, acai and black mulberry, weight loss aiding quince and yummy sour cherry. Anecdotal proof that they work- We didn’t get a hangover.

In Rio de Janeiro the Brazilian Society of Aesthetic Medicine has started offering bargain basement Botox to low income earners (those living on less than $250 a month). The poverty stricken beauty seekers are administered the Botox, as well as chemical peels, laser hair removal and acne scar treatment, at a minimal cost. The catch- The treatments are administered by trainee doctors. Call us cynical, but we’re sort of thinking they might be picking poor people for these charitable treatments because, much like cosmetic surgeons, good lawyers are expensive.


America’s new president is the man women dream of: intelligent, powerful but not egotistical, family-orientated, and funny (check out his speech at the Al Smith Memorial Foundation dinner). Moreover, Barack Obama is damn suave and damn sexy. The same cannot be said of 72 year-old John McCain, who, despite spending over $5000 on the same make-up artist who works for American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance still looks like a pig dog in lipstick.

Many celebrities were barracking for Obama, parading their political preference and raising the Democrat’s beautiful face to iconic fashion status. Madonna, Halle Berry and Beyonce wore his face across their chests, snapped by paps in T-shirts. The most original incorporation into an outfit was done by singer Eve, who had miniature images of his face painted onto her nails – talk about blingin’ talons. Katy Perry rocked the European MTV runway in a sequined dress by French designer Jean Charles de Castelbajac, which on the back read “I have a dream today!” accompanied by a single glove proclaiming, “YES.” Along with this, Obama had a shoot taken by fashion photographer Terry Richardson, known for his sexually explicit and highly provocative content. Unfortunately for us, Obama remained fully clothed…

The youth, vibrancy and optimism of Barack and his policies is reflected in his wife’s refreshing wardrobe, earning Michelle Obama the title of the most stylish First Lady since Jackie Kennedy (note the distinct lack of pantsuits). While Jackie was a campaigner for couture, Michelle mixes designer with more affordable pieces. Her J. Crew outfit made her stand out in bright yellow on Jay Leno, for less than $400, which is rather humble in the face of Sarah Palin’s $150,000 wardrobe fiasco. The controversial red and black chiffon Narciso Roriguez dress that she wore on election night was an audacious move that paid off in our style stakes, despite claims from her critics of looking like a human lava lamp. Another highlight was the Maria Pinto sleeveless purple sheath, teamed with pearls and an infamous fist-bump/bro-shake with her husband when he claimed the Democratic nomination.

If patriotism for a foreign president isn’t your thing, why not throw on some red and white horizontal stripes or white stars just for the hell of it- While it was a few seasons since Chanel’s Americana themed collection, the trend is far from over. Alternatively, you could try visiting one of our favourite local boutiques, Capital L, who celebrated Obamarama by offering customers 20% off every black garment in store for one week only.

“In our travels to Paris last year, I stumbled across an amazing antique flea market where I discovered a beautiful Art Deco pendent which literally gave me the inspiration for Seventh Wonderland’s Spring/Summer 08/09 collection Bijou’s Escapade. The Pendent is beautifully detailed with resin inserts and a combination of abstract triangular forms.

My surroundings defiantly play a large part when designing. So being surrounded by one of the most amazing cities in the world with such a broad history, it was not hard to be inspired. Paris has amazing Art Deco architecture, from its building lobbies to its rich textured theatres.

So to sum it up, the collection is a kaleidoscope of streamlined forms, stylised motifs that reflect the Art Deco era and a reinterpretation of the sleek, glamorous late ‘70s. I loved the highly polished musicians from back in the day like Annie Lennox, Grace Jones and the eyes of Sheena Easton, which gave us visual inspiration for our photo shoot.

Seventh Wonderland is all about creating a world where people can ‘escape and dream.’ We are all so overloaded with work and responsibilities that it’s easy to forget the finer things in life. In other words, we would like our SW friends to experience the ‘ultimate summer’ and we have created a ‘Seventh Wonderland’ that everyone can relate to, no matter where you are in the world.

I love wearing the one pieces like the ‘BEAU MONDE’ in the butterfly print with my shorts or skirt, or the 9PM with a pair of jeans out at night. Like any girl when you have so many options it only makes decisions harder. When it gets a bit warmer I have my eyes on the NICO, which is a cheeky, girly lace frill bikini which is perfect for the summer holidays!” – Bonnie, Seventh Wonderland


What: Elizabeth Arden Spring Beauty Sale
When: Monday 17 - Sunday 23 November, 9am-4pm
Where: 2A Victoria ave, Unit G12, Castle Hill

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When: Wednesday 19 November, from 6pm
Where: Boutwell Draper Gallery, 82-84 George St Redfern

What: Warhorse EP Launch @ Exquisite Corpse
When: Thursday 20 November, from 9.30pm
Where: Oxford Arts Factory