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Stylin' 936

Author: Alyx Gorman
Monday, November 24, 2008

Does seeing Miranda Kerr’s giant smiling head give you consumer fever- Do models in lace, wings, and little else make you want to buy mid-range underwear- If not, then maybe Victoria’s Secret is wasting its money. They held one of their runway extravaganzas in Miami last week – much to the delight of young men with cable television subscriptions everywhere. Personally, we find the shows, with their glitter, silly costumes and “sassy” poses, highly disturbing. Nevertheless, Victoria’s Secret offers some of the most lucrative contracts a model can snap up. There’s a reason why Gisele Bundchen consistently topped best earner lists while she was with the company.  Apart from seeing the face of David Jones wanting for a proboscis, the most distressing moment of the show was seeing Karolina Kurkova’s lack of a belly button. The model, who was recently criticised for her dramatic weight gain was looking toned, terrific and back in fighting form for the show – she was just missing her navel.

Thongs may be a summer staple, but after a while – no matter how many shades you own – those rows of Havaianas can start to look a bit same-same. The Brazillian company who make Havaianas know that there’s only so much you can do with a flip flop too - so they came up with something new. Introducing the Pininho, which acts like a badge for your thongs. These little pins sit through the rubber straps of your summer shoe staple, brightening them up with shapes like ladybirds, lips and studded metallic skulls. They come in the coolest application packs we’ve ever seen, and while putting them in may only take a few seconds, we found it endlessly entertaining. While they’re designed to fit flawlessly with thongs, we could see Pininhos working on other accessories too, like hats and handbags. Just don’t use them to pierce your ears – because once they’re in, they aren’t so easy to take out.

Speaking of rubber shoes, the nineties revival rages on with the Australian release of Harlan women’s shoes. These plastic fantastic jelly-style shoes come in a range of bubble-gum bright colours. Their current Spring/Summer collection is called Roman Holiday, and capitalises on that inescapable trend – the gladiator sandal. Unlike many, these ones are shaped in a way that won’t turn your legs to stumps, which is good news for short girls. Your wallet will also be saved from being cut short – at $32.95 a pop, they cost less than your average pizza delivery.

Bad tans, bad taste and old people aren’t the only things the Gold Coast has in common with Miami. The Queensland city is now set to host the Southern equivalent of Miami Swim Fashion Week. The event will be held in February, to coincide with the buying cycles of Australian swimwear retailers. Other event targets include Southern Hemisphere resorts and Asian shops. Swim juggernauts Zimmerman are confirmed to open the show, with more announcements to come.

What: Camilla and Marc Sale
When: Friday 28 – Saturday 29 November from 10-6pm
Where: 291 Young Street, Waterloo

What: Free show feat. The Protectors and Lions at Your Door
When: Friday 28 November from 8pm
Where: Oxford Art Factory, 38 Oxford St, Darlinghurst

What: Tuchuzy Garage Sale
When: Saturday 29 November from 9.30-5pm
Where: 150 Burwood Road, Burwood