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Stylin' 952

Author: Alyx Gorman
Monday, March 30, 2009

While wandering the streets of Chicago pop music maker/eccentric fashion person Lady Gaga got pulled over by the cops. It was because of her pants – unlike La Lind’s, there was no coke in them; the problem was more that they weren’t really there. In a statement to the press, Gaga announced: “I guess they weren't really pants at all.” We’d make a personal note that Chicago is not the place for Eddie Sedgwick style pantlessness, but we suspect this might be a publicity stunt. Whatever the truth, we’re happy because it gave Gaga the vehicle to make the following quote (which we’re sure will go down in fashion history with the likes of Vreeland and Coco Chanel’s best): “It's not that I don't like pants, I just choose not to wear them some days.” Precious!

In news that’s yet to get the modelling world shaking in their overpriced biker boots, Japan has invented a robotic model. The stylishly named HRP-4C is made to look like a Japanese woman (too short for the catwalk then). She has a shiny metallic body and a face that looks just a little too much like a sex toy’s. And, as the crowd found out at her unveiling, her walk is a bit stilted too. Fortunately, if she doesn’t make it in modelling, she has a back up industry to go to: the 62-inch, black bobbed femmebot is also a trained gym instructor. Although with her $200,000(US) body, we give it three months before she changes career again and becomes the world’s most expensive vibrator.

The awkwardly named Council of Fashion Designers of America have announced who is nominated for awards this year, and the list (shockingly) includes Narciso Rodriguez, Marc Jacobs, Marc Jacobs, Marc Jacobs (he’s nominated for three, including best international for Louis Vuitton), Vera Wang and Anna Sui. Hang on- Aren’t those the exact same people nominated last year- And the year before last- Oh CFDA, why so samey- Also on the noms list are Rodarte (who deserve to win), Jason Wu and Alexander Wang. Michelle Obama (who it seems is fortunately too busy helping to save the economy to notice things like Fashion Week and the CFDA Awards) is set to receive some sort of special accolade. We suspect the CFDA would be better off if they stopped handing out these awards, they really only serve to demonstrate how staid and boring American fashion can be.

Stylin’ crush, model and notorious party boy Jethro Cave (you may have heard of his daddy…) has been kicked from Myer’s runway according to the Daily Telegraph. The Tele’s reporting it may have been due to “erratic behaviour”, while his agent is crying flu. We’re sort of relieved in a way, having Jethro kicked off Myer means there’s more chance David Jones will pick him up, and there’s nothing we’d like to see more than a grunge deluxe boy like him putting his dirty (hopefully literally) rocker paws all over a shrieking Miranda Kerr. Just really getting in there and making that princess squirm, oh god yeah. In related news, we might need therapy.


There’s something terribly titillating about hot girl DJs, particularly when they are stylish to boot. We talked music and fashion with Anna and Bad Ezzy from girl group Hoops.

Who are Hoops and what kind of music do you play-
Ezzy: Hoops is Ninalasvegas, Anna Lunoe and Bad Ezzy! We love all kinds of music so we play all kinds of styles from hip hop to disco and club.
Anna: Its great!

How did you get together-
Ezzy: We all knew each other before Hoops, but weirdly it was Annalise Braakensiek and Sass & Bide who brought us together! Anna had been DJing for a while and Nina and I had just thrown our first Hoops party when the three of us were booked together to play a Sass and Bide party. A few weeks later we got a call out of the blue asking if we would like to play The Falls Festival. It turns out Annalise had been at the party and liked us so much she recommended us to a good friend of hers who also happened to be booking acts for Falls. We tried to explain that Hoops was a twosome and that Anna was a solo DJ and the reply we got was “we want the three DJs we saw at Sass & Bide.” Then Hoops was born!
Anna: Yes!

Who is your biggest musical inspiration-
Ezzy: SO MANY. Grace Jones, Sheila E, Prince, MIA.
Anna: It changes weekly, but we know it when we hear it.

And your biggest fashion inspiration-
Ezzy: All of the above!
Anna: Yep, after watching the Prince Sign of the Times DVD, Ez wore a single feather earrings for quite a while and I did everything in my power to channel Sheila E – midriffs, high waisted minis with flat boots. If I appear embarrassed about it, I’m not. I still think they are awesome. I am glad we have stopped wearing China Town bling though – us trying to channel Slick Rick is a bit of a push.

Complete this sentence: “I can’t leave my house if I’m not wearing…”

Ezzy: Manolo Blahniks.
Anna: Christian Louboutins.

Tell us about your favourite piece of clothing and how you came to own it-

Ezzy: Oh it's too hard to just pick just one... BUT this is my favourite Indian headdress. It looks really good teamed with my 100% authentic whale bone necklace as featured. It's pretty versatile and you can easily dress it up or down. I'd wear it everyday if I could, but the girls have threatened to kick me out of Hoops if I keep it up.
Anna: Yeah, honestly that’s too hard. One of my favourite items at the moment is a belt I bought in Bali from a little shop that just sold beaded goods. I like how the sequins kind of remind me of my sequined hat from when I was nine and me and my friend Tessa would videotape ourselves pretending to be the girls in the Cream video... that was 15 years ago and I’m still copying Prince film clips.

How do you go about dressing for a show-

Ezzy: It depends on the show really. Sometimes we like dress in the same prints or styles for a bit of fun and other times we just dress in our own style.
Anna: Depends on our moods, the weather, what’s clean etc.

Who was the worst dressed rockstar in history-
Ezzy: Lady Gaga. Although I'm not really sure that she qualifies as a rockstar-
Anna: Oh, Lady Gaga for sure. Madonna without styling is seriously shit. Ed Hardy caps anyone-

Your record just sold 10 million copies – what are you buying yourself-
Ezzy: A puppy.
Anna: House, car and pony.

Any exciting plans for the next few months-
Ezzy: Lots actually! We're doing the Bacardi Express with Groove Armada, Lost Valentinos, Van She and more from 26-28 March. We're also playing with our fave female rappers Killaqueenz for their album launch in April, which is really exciting. There should be a Hoops party or two thrown in the works soon too!
Anna: So so true, Erin. 

Hoops will be touring with Bacardi Express, which is travelling from Melbourne to Sydney via Wagga Wagga and Wollongong between 26 - 28 March. For more info visit

This year Hurley is giving young people the chance to express themselves (and win fabulous prizes) through the Hurley Microphone for Youth Challenge. It’s an online comp that sees entrants battling it out for votes in a graphic design challenge. Contestants have been asked to design a T-shirt for Hurley, which they then upload for the consideration of the voting public. Entries close 30 March, so if you’re going to do it, do it right now. To enter go to
The winner will be announce on the 1 April, and will receive a tidy $5000 (US), which given our dollar is going to go a very long way.

The competition is totally global, so if you enter you’ll be competing against designers from Argentina to Zimbabwe. To see what you’re up against, we have a few of the favourites pictured.