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Author: Natural 1
Sunday, January 1, 1995
If you've been checking out the heavens lately, you will have seen Melbourne techno producer Blimp.
For the past 15 months this skyhigh terrorist has been cruising the underground dance scene in his
technical assault balloon, dropping fat bombs of minimal acid-funk, tech-house and drum 'n' bass on
clubs, raves and CD compilations such as; "Zeitgeist 3" (if- Records), "Filter Sessions" (Lilo Records),
and "Evolutionary Vibes 2" (Creative Vibes). Now, with the smell of napalm in his nostrils, Blimp has
established his own recording label - Prefabric8 Records - and will soon release his first album;
"SOCKET". Advance copies have already hit the dancefloors and radio stations of Melbourne and the
response has been unanimous: IT ROX!!! So next time you're out cloudsurfing, look for the balloon boy
with the black and yellow hazard stripes.