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A "NuBreed" - Tranzfusion Interview

Author: Azztek @ TranZfusion
Wednesday, May 8, 2002
It was only 2 years ago when NuBreed *Jase (Jason Catherine), Mykel (Michael Walburgh) and Db (Danny Bonnici)* made their debut live performance at the annual DMC Championships in 2000. I remember the night well, a display of Australia's best disk spinners battling it out for the most honourable DJ prize in the Australia. But that night it wasn't Dexta, Reflux or DJ Samurai who stood out in my mind. It was a group of 3 young Melbournites, who's explosive and dynamic performance blew away the audience and fellow Hip Hop peers.

They belted out the most amazing sounds I had ever heard, beautiful synths flowing through the background, while squelching nu-breaks and Drum and Bass frequencies pumped through the speakers. Cleverly co-coordinating vocals and rhymes into their music. And who could forget the beautiful lyrics that went along with the track "Welcome"-

Since then "Welcome", has received play by some of the world's most respected and sought after DJ's, including Rennie Pilgrim, Hybrid, DJ Hyper, Lee Burridge, Adam Freeland and Danny Howells. They have completed remixes for Adam Freelands label "Marine Parade" and for American Producer Jasp 182 on Tayo's label "Mob records", and worked with artists such as Phil K, Andy Page & Ivan Gough and released a number of choice tunes on Australia's own "Zero Tolerance" label.

Fwoooar! What a mouthful, and this is only in the last two years! There is no doubt NuBreed are leading the way and setting a standard for the Australian live music scene. We had the pleasure to chat with the NuBreed boys and interrupt them in the middle of their rehearsal where they were completing the pre-programming for the upcoming gig at Peace (Seven Nightclub) on Friday night. "We will mostly be doing some live remixing, while Phil K will be spinning some tracks and acapella's, using his Pioneer CDJ and mixing it together with some digital effects…"

So why has the world taken a fancy to the NuBreed sound and what makes them different from the rest- "We don't pigeon hole to one curtain style... we don't limit ourselves as our musical background spans across all different genres." Although NuBreed are rather new on the scene, the boys are definitely not new to the music industry. They have been working together musically for over 10 years. Before the days of NuBreed, Mike and Danny were doing live gigs, playing with cover bands, attending music courses at Box Hill TAFE and working on song writing and programming projects for various Australian acts, while Jase brings in the Hip Hop element to the outfit, who was, and still is producing fresh new sounds under the guise "Nuff' Said".

As the new millennium was dawning, a new sound developing and the process of remaking their old material and turning it into something new was on the go, it was natural the trio will be called of what is today known as "NuBreed".

Upon the recent Australian Gatecrasher Tour the boys were approached by break beat giants Hybrid "Yeah, Hybrid approached Mike and told us how much they dug our track "Midi Killa"… one of Hybrids mates also came up and wanted his record signed by us… it was so funny because now, the tables were reversed…"

Hybrid are not the only international producers to be wowed by the NuBreed sound, as they have just recently been approached by UK band "Skunk Anansie" to compile a remix for their single "Weep" and the remix masters themselves "Way Out West" have requested them to remix their own track "Stealth" which was released on the Album "Intensify" in 2001.

The trio are 100% committed to their music, with NuBreed being their full-time project and the breadwinner, but its not fast cars, penthouse apartments and lavish trips overseas for the trio. They are still doing the hard yard, hours upon hours in the studio perfecting their repertoire, and working on new material for their forthcoming album.

That's right, a new album on the w