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GTs new album - Check it

Author: michelle pirovich
Wednesday, November 6, 2002
If you were asked to describe what would characterise the perfect dance album, chances are it would have to include the electronic wizadry of the Chemical Brothers, the haunting effects of Radiohead, the lyrical wonderment of Moby, the warmth and charm of Groove Armada, and the timelessness of Leftfield. Introducing GT's Electrifyin' Mojo.

I've had this album on pretty high rotation this last week and every time I put it on I end up with a new favourite track, which only highlights just how good this album is.

Together with Andy Page, GT has created an album that captures the essence of music and not just on an electronic level. 'Beat Generation' takes an electro-laden hold of the spoken word, which leads into the gyrating bass affected 'Kid Dynamite.' Moving into 'Get Clout' and it's time for some funky breakbeat stylins with vocals by Kye, followed by the deliciously dirty remake of 'Lovesong (this is not a),' guaranteed to leave a satisfied smirk on your face.

'You are here' takes the album to new heights as a timeless and most beautiful soundscape unfolds. We then move seamlessly into the emotion charged 'Where the world ends,' complimented by the stunning vocal talents of Connie, and 'Brand New Day' delivers those spine tingling warm and fuzzies that only come from good trance.

'Falling Sideways' picks up the pace and slams down the funk, leaving space open for 'The Vagrants' to explore the dark and twisted world of electronica. Enter 'Soul Wide Open' to find an eastern-world infused with four to the floor speaker-rattling action and 'Sanctify Yourself' salutes a Cult classic amidst a treasure trove of beats and squelches.

With a vaporous touch Hamish sings hauntingly amongst a powerful backdrop of sound as 'Electrifyin Mojo' comes to a complete yet infinite finish.

A timeless album from a most accomplished artist.


1 Beat Generation
2 Kid Dynamite
3 Get Clout
4 Lovesong (This Is Not A )
5 You Are Here
6 Where The World Ends
7 Brand New Day
8 Falling Sideways
9 The Vagrants
10 Soul Wide Open
11 Santcify Yourself
12 Electrifying Mojo