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Nick Lunn Storms Australia

Author: Andrew Ong
Friday, September 20, 2002
Nick Lunn has risen to prominence in the UK and Europe over the past couple of years, but little is known about him in Australia. On the eve of his first visit to our shores I recently had an opportunity to have a brief chat the man who is renown for rocking clubbers all over the world!

Nick it's been an amazing couple of years for you, how's the ride been-

In the last few years, I have experienced some of the best times in my life.

You can't ask for much more.

I read somewhere that you used to be in a heavy metal cover band- Have you always had a love for hard music- Do you think this has playeda part in you going down the path of Hard dance music-

Yes, this is true. The band used to cover Metallica, Pantera etc. I have always been an old rocker at heart - pure energy. It has definitely reflected my career and I have always said that hard dance isthe rock music of the millennium.

How did you get into becoming a DJ-

I used to DJ at a Rock Night for Hell's Angels - Scary!!!

Interesting! Anyway, congratulations on the success of Storm. How did the concept come about- How long has it been running now and who are your main residents- What other clubs do you play-

Fergie and I used to go to lap dancing clubs on Fridays and we just thought 'Let's try doing something else on a Friday' so we set Storm up as a joint venture. It's has been running for almost 3 years now. The main residents are myself, Andy Farley and Ian M. I play all over theUK and the world. There are too many clubs to list where I perform.

With so many Hard House nights operating now, what's the key to keep pulling in the crowds- Has the move away from the so called "Superclubs" helped clubs like Storm-

I'd say it has helped Storm along the way but really I have always said 'Innovate, not Imitate'. I am always one step ahead of the rest.

You'll be gracing our shores soon, what can we expect from one of your sets- Do you know anything about the crowds and Hard House movement in Australia-

You can expect a mixture of hard German trance and tribal techno. It will go deep into your mind.

I have heard from A*S*Y*S, who is on the same artist management company in the UK as myself, that the crowds in Australia are wicked so I'm really looking forward to rocking them senseless and providing them with unforgettable memories.

You've produced a few tracks now, how important has this been in developing you as DJ/producer-

My DJing influences my Producing mainly. If I get into a sound, the ideas flow. I like to Produce so that I can play the sound I want and like.

Is there anyone you'd like to collaborate with in the future that you haven't already done so with- Who have been your influences in dance music-

Mauro Picotto, Marco Bailey & A*S*Y*S are the artists who I would like to collaborate with in the near future.

Influences in dance music have been Marco Bailey, Hennes & Cold and Don Diablo.

Do you ever take off your Promoter/DJ cap and have a big night out on the dancefloor-

Not as much now but I used to be fuckin' mental.....

What's the future hold for Nick Lunn-

For producing, a new track with Sterling Moss; more tracks with Paul Janes and producing in Italy for Gas Records.

For DJing, I want to concentrate on countries outside of the UK as the crowds are much more appreciative.

What advice can you give to any young aspiring Producers/DJs who want to make a career in the industry-

Don't trust anyone, it's a Dog Eat Dog world out there!

Nick thanks for your time, I think I speak on behalf of a lot of clubber when I say, we're really looking forward to catching you when you come to Melbourne!