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Belfast - Are you ready for this-

Author: Michelle Pirovich
Wednesday, May 21, 2003
You getting excited yet- Well you should be cos Belfast is only 3 sleeps away. A time when the old stompers amongst us can relive some precious moments, whilst the new kiddies on the block can discover what they missed out on, we talk to DJ Will E Tell.

What is Belfast all about for you-

Belfast to me is about getting together with faces that I have not seen for a long time and playing the olden golden favourite oldies.

What do you miss about the old days-

For me it's the old faces, and listing to my favourite records from 10 years ago I use to plug so many times.

What is the biggest change you have witnessed in Melbourne's dance scene-

I guess the biggest change I have witnessed in Melbourne's dance scene is really the music styles the have evolved over the decade. 10 years ago, everyone use to play all different styles together, now everyone has each and there own style. Now, DJ's are either classed as a techno or house or commercial DJ.

Some time has passed since Melbourne's dance scene began to emerge, any stand out memories-

My stand out memory was at Berzerk 2 at Kryal castle when there where only approximately 1000 people dancing on the main stage and when I came on at 7am in the morning and opened up, a horde of people ran into the tent leaving a trail of rising dust. It was a great morning.

What track are you most looking forward to playing for the old skoolers-

I would say the "Theme from S Express" and "Big Fun" by Inner City.

What track do you never want to hear again-

Can't think of one at this point in time.

What track could you never part with-

I could never part with "Welcome" by FSOM, because as it being one of my favourites, I know just how rare this record is.

Is it as good today as it was back then-

I must say that back then where good memories, they are very different to today but today's memories are great as well.

To make sure you really get in the mood here are some old skool mixes from the archives...enjoy.

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