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Eric Powell and Da Phunk

Author: Jana Hargrove
Tuesday, March 25, 2003
TranZfusion caught up with DJ, Producer and music lover Eric Powell to talk Bush Records, Liquify and to find out what other goodies are in-store from the man himself.

Eric Powell is responsible for Bush Records, a respected UK Techno label founded in Manchester 10 years ago. Alongside Eric Gooden, Powell set out to make Bush Records the leading supplier of quality house, techno and all that which lies between.

Since its inception, Bush Records has been fortunate enough to sign up various production talents including Dave Clarke, Timo Maas and Devilfish. With Bush Records still going strong, Powell moved to Melbourne, Australia for a change of scene and has been keeping busy with the label (still stationed in the UK). He hasn't been phased by any differences producing in Melbourne as opposed to the UK and says "I think you can produce music anywhere - once you're in the studio you could be in Melbourne, Manchester or Munich."

When Powell first set up the Bush label he wanted a record cover that would stand out from the rest. After doing a bit of research he discovered there weren't any other yellow sleeves so he went with that. Powell admits that although this helped the label get some attention, if the music wasn't up to scratch the record sleeves wouldn't have made a difference.

Powell defines the Bush sound today as being fresh and funky. He believes Bush Records has proved that you can be influenced by all types of music. "Thomas Schumacher used a rap on "When I Rock," Joey Beltram uses disco samples, Andrew Macloughlan used a Brazilian rhythm and Woody McBride has used a rockish vocal - So as you can see Bush has never really stuck to one sound but the common denominator is Da Phunk."

All in all things are really busy for Powell at the moment. On the production side of things Powell has always had a funky sound no matter what the genre. He likes to venture into new approaches of making music and tries to keep his sound fresh but not too experimental. He's set to release a track called 'Angel' in a few months time.

Derek Carter is the man doing it musically for Powell at the moment, as well as Danilo Vigoroti. He also says to look out for Bryan Cox and Sequan, a group from Slovenia. "On a house tip I love the "Jazz and Groove" stuff, a bit closer to home we have Nick Dem Q who I think is destined for big things, I am also into Laurent Wolf recent releases on Darkness."

Although Powell doesn't DJ anywhere near as much as he did when he was based in Europe, he still finds time to DJ on a regular basis and more importantly, he's still loving it. Powell will be playing at Liquid Artist Management's monthly tech-house event 'Liquify' this Saturday. For Powell, Liquify is simply all about a bunch of like-minded music lovers getting together to listen to some quality dance music.

Keeping Powell busy outside of work is his recently arrived baby girl, to which we offer our congratulations. Or maybe all his time is spent on one of his favourite pastimes "I love soap opera's and if there is anybody out there with the last episode of Dallas on DVD or tape get in touch with me at"

Liquify is this Saturday the 29th of March
2 Floors Up, 1/185 Lonsdale St, Melbourne
Eric Powell will be playing from 2 - 3.30.
Other DJs include Jeff Tyler, Damian Laird and Ben Cromack.
Entry is $6 with a flyer or $8 without
Doors open 10pm til 5am.