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Got Funk- The way all good things should be!

Author: michelle pirovich
Wednesday, February 12, 2003
Let me see a show of hands. Who out there has Got Funk- Yes boys and girls I'm talking about serious ass spanking rhythm here, the ability to feel the pulse and mooove your body to those phat gyrating beats.

Melbourne's leading lady of breakbeat and techno DJ Ides has taken it upon herself to bring all funkateers and those who aspire to be so an event filled with breakbeat bedlam. Got Funk- premiers this Saturday and TranZfusion caught up with DJ Ides to get the low-down.

Tell me why you decided to start up Got Funk-
I've been planning to get back into promoting again for at least a year or two, but over the christmas break I really decided that now is the time to start a couple of new nights and offer some new concepts into the Melbourne breaks scene - because some things just simply aren't being offered at the moment.

I spend so much time out at all the breaks nights, both playing and partying and so many people have started talking to me about ideas they've got about the music and the other things involved with running nights. So as a DJ and promoter, along with a fresh combination of other peoples ideas and inspiration we've got the opportunity to do those we're gonna do them and have a great time in the process!

What is the concept behind Got Funk-
The concept for this Got Funk- is to involve everyone who is 100% on the same level when it comes to partying and having a good time in breaks, above everything else. Plus we really love getting DJs, live acts, decor and sound/lighting people involved who all want to push a sound or idea they've been working on - we've just created the opportunity for them to get their ideas out there under the Got Funk- name.

What is involved in starting a brand new night-
Hard work on ground level... finding a suitable venue, a good concept, the right DJs and live acts down to the tiniest details on the flyer. It is a lot of work - but I like working hard when I can keep a good perspective when organising all these things, cause in the end it's the love and positive energy we put into it that'll make the night a real success.

Who is on your team-
Basically, the Got Funk- team this time round is being directed by myself and the managers of B407 (Pete and Jono). I've had some unbelievable contributions from the decor crew - Color Tekniques, they've really embraced what we're trying to do and have put in a lot of time and energy into creating a great atmosphere for us.

Maciej is the name of the guy who designed the flyer and advertising, an old friend of mine who used to party with me every week back when we were living at Purveyors.

The other people working hard on helping with promotions have been a couple of my ITM friends - Fi and Glenn...both crazy party people that love their breaks and have a great spirit alongside everyone in the breaks community.

Most of the DJs and live acts have been behind the event more than we could have ever imagined too - they really seem to have taken a liking to my "do whatever the fuck you want" philosophy to their shows. It's just a great crew and I'm hoping to take all of these guys onto future events I do at B407 and other venues too.

Who is Got Funk aimed at-
Everybody - we are a non-discriminate breakbeat event!

How important is it nowadays to keep things underground-
I think keeping things 'underground' is a somewhat outmoded idea in all forms of electronic music, especially in breakbeat - as breakbeat is an amalgam of so many different forms of music and concepts in the first place.

I've always been a promoter and punter who listens to music with the intent of providing and finding something different. Especially compared to what's being offered by the mainstream, cashed-up promoters or large record companies. But the point is, I think it's important to always support the underdog and what's happening in the undercur